Several distinct settings can be transformed to suit an array of occasions. Paired with impeccable service and expert catering, each conveys a timeless atmosphere that imparts both grace and prestige to the moment.


Sq. ft.Size (Ft)CeilingReceptionBanquetClassroomU-ShapeHollow Square
Chandelier Ballroom
Ballroom6,56152 x 12411'0" & 18'6"400400260185155
Ballroom I1,32852 x 2411'0"130110553530
Ballroom II2,01352 x 3918'6"200170856045
Ballroom III2,01352 x 3918'6"200170856045
Ballroom II & III4,02652 x 7818'6"40033516511595
Ballroom IV1,20752 x 2211'0"11595503525
Ballroom Foyer1,66489 x 2911'0"165138
Ballroom Terrace88048 x 188570
Ballroom Patio83455 x 158065
Chandelier Lawn
Ballroom Lawn84135 x 278570352520
The Study and Loggia
Study93634 x 2911'0"9075402520
The Study Loggia56021 x 305545251615
Boardroom74730 x 2511'0"7560302018
Founder's Dining Room44816 x 2811'0"20
Event Lawn3,47778 x 38345275
Lanai Lawn4,52970 x 45 (oval)400375
Great Lawn7,926111 x 73400400
Miramar Beach495' linear100