Asaya Body Fit

What is it?

Designed for all levels of  physical fitness, the Asaya Body Fit Program educates not only your muscle system, but also increases your own knowledge of how you can optimize your mental and physical health. Understanding how your body works in conjunction with your mental and emotional state whilst exploring your nutritional choices will give you the insight into building sustainable strength both physically and mentally.

Who is it for?

- Tailored to all fitness levels from introductory to advanced

- People seeking guidance into optimal physical health

- Ideal if you’re wanting to understand and utilize your natural genome

- For those who want to enhance mental fitness and endurance

- An overall program for strengthening the body and mind

What are the benefits?

- Understanding your personal challenges and strengths related to physical fitness

- Increasing your energy and performance

- Sustainable solutions for mental and physical health 

  • 4 Nights 3 Days
4 Nights 3 Days
  • Four Nights/3 days program
  • One x Wellness Consultation - 30 minutes
  • Two x Personal Training Sessions - 60 minutes
  • Two x Therapeutic Magnesium Massage – 60 minutes 
  • Two x Active Isolated Stretching - 45 minutes
  • Daily wake up with Asaya Wellness classes and activities
  • Ice bath & Himalayan Salt Sauna sessions – 60 minutes 
  • One x Post Program Consultation - 30 minute

Asaya Details

Asaya is situated adjacent to the hotel arrival area.

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