What is it?

The Asaya Cleanse program introduces tools to cleanse the emotional and mental congestions that build up over time whilst exploring your relationship with food and lifestyle choices.

Physical cleanse – For example – Chi Nei Tsang, Lymphatic Massage, and nutrient rich cleansing cuisine

Emotional cleanse – For example – Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Personal Coaching and Energy Balancing treatments

Who is it for?

- People with a desire for a healthier relationship with food

- Those who want to enhance emotional and mental clarity

- Individuals who want to increase an awareness of how food effects mood, cognitive functions and internal body performance

- Looking to add or increase best practices of dietary choices, physical movements and meal preparations for optimal nutrient utilization

What are the benefits?

- An increased awareness of eating on purpose 

- Mindful approaches to food choices & meal preparation 

- Enhanced internal body processing 

- Elevated mood and cognitive function

    Asaya Details

    Asaya is situated adjacent to the hotel arrival area.

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