May 21, 2018

Puebla, Puebla (May 21st, 2018) - On May 15th, the 2018 global edition of the Prix Versailles, the awards dedicated to celebrating the architecture of shops, hotels and restaurants around the world, was held at UNESCO's headquarters in Paris, France.


In the continental ceremony dedicated to America and the Caribbean, held in Santiago, Chile, 22 awards were given to stores, shopping centers, hotels and restaurants that have stood out for their architectural beauty as well as for the practicality of their design, creating the perfect balance .


During this award, Rosewood Puebla was awarded the Special Prize for its exterior design. The exterior architectural design of this hotel, the most recent Rosewood in Mexico, next to celebrate its first anniversary, was carried out by the Poblano architect Eric Meza Leines, of Plus Arrendamientos Inmobiliarios S.A de C.V.


The Prix Versailles was established in 2015 in France as an incentive to that commercial architecture that fuses with the culture of the site in which it is creating a synergy. The aim of these awards is to promote the balance between an architecture that seeks functionalism, practicality and immediacy, with the beauty and creativity that distinguish architectural art.


The Prix Versailles rewards the most outstanding creations in exterior and interior architectural design. The way they do it is to first conduct a regional competition and the winners of it continue to the next phase in the global competition. The jury is composed by architects, designers and philosophers from different parts of the globe, in addition to the Mayor of Versailles.


Rosewood Puebla embraces the colonial architecture of this ancient metropoli, reflecting in its interior four centuries of culture that are the inspiration to offer its guests enriching experiences in an environment of luxurious spaces that preserve the essence of their origin.


The ancestral air that surrounds the hotel is perceived through a set of architectural vestiges: three buildings of yesteryear, Capilla del Cirineo and the iconic Lavaderos de Almoloya. These elements were subjected to a meticulous and respectful restoration that today give rise to a majestic hotel, synonym of luxury, distinction and welcoming environments that invite its visitors to feel at home.