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Lost Remedies

One of the many attributes of the Lao culture is how resourceful its people are, drawing from nature wherever possible to support life and healthy living in every aspect. Laos didn’t always have access to modern medicine but its ability as a culture to thrive and heal itself was credited to its respect for Mother Nature and its understanding of her many powers.

At Sense, we are working to preserve the Lost Remedies that came before our time. By growing our own indigenous plants, herbs and fruit, you can see where your healing starts and how we use these ingredients in your chosen spa treatments. Herbs are carefully chosen for you from our Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden for you to see, touch, feel, smell, and even taste.

Enter Sense at Luang Prabang and choose from a variety of traditional treatments and wellness therapies.

Nuad Hai Jao | therapeutic & energizing

For centuries, ancient healers in Laos used a combination of Ginger, Black Pepper and massage to heal children’s injuries, aches and pains.   They were firm believers that the power of touch could ease most pain and that this particular therapy helps improve circulation and relax the muscles.

90 Mins

Traditional Lao Herbal Poultice | ancient healing

The Traditional Lao Herbal Poultice was used when farmers had back pain following a long day of labor.  Thought to have both the healing effects of massage and the medicinal benefits of acupuncture, this powerful combination of heat, steam and herbs works in unison to heal and support the body.  Freshly picked herbs from our Spa Garden are combined with strong heat to penetrate deep into the muscles, incorporating a detoxifying fusion of Crinum Lily, Camphor Tree, Vietnamese (Lao) Coriander, White Butterfly Bush and Lao Rice. This powerful ancient healing concoction reduces aches and pains, stimulates blood circulation, increases lymphatic drainage, and detoxifies and conditions the skin. 

90 Mins

Hmong Experience

Receive some of our Lost Remedy treatments directly from Mr. Xong, a native villager from the Hmong ethnic group.  An experienced healer for more than 25 years, he treats many different ailments using herbs sourced and foraged from the surrounding forest. This is a special opportunity that is authentic and grounded in tradition.

Please note that 24-hour advance reservation is required and is based on Mr. Xong’s availability.

Hmong Cleanse

This treatment contributes to overall health by cleansing and detoxifying the body.   Local grasses sourced from our forest are crushed in a mortar and pestle with other vital ingredients from our healing garden selected specifically for your needs, then are wrapped in linen and gently rubbed against the skin.   Your skin is left soft, smooth and detoxified.

60 Mins

Hmong Herbal Massage

From the variety of herbs used in the classic Hmong herbal massage, native healer Mr. Xong has chosen three important ones for relieving aches and pains to be included in this treatment. These are foraged from the surrounding forest, freshly cut and added to a poultice. Recipients experience a warming sensation along the body as the nutrients and benefits from the ingredients are directly massaged onto the body. This treatment helps improve blood circulation and promotes detoxification and rejuvenation.

90 Mins


Our range of spa products is based on traditional Laotian herbal remedies. We utilize local organic components and the highest quality seasonal ingredients: pure, natural and just-picked fresh whenever possible.

Deurn Thang Sok Dee | good luck journey

This journey offers a peek into the inner culture of Laos and the impressive care and attention the community puts into supporting themselves and each other. It is composed of five individual elements that when combined are sure to leave you profoundly changed for the better.

Element 1 - Baci Ceremony: Participate in a traditional Lao Baci Ceremony in the nearby village. The Baci Ceremony is founded upon the Lao people’s belief that a human being is a union of thirty-two organs, each having a  khuan (the Lao word for spirit) to protect it. These spirits often wander outside the body causing an imbalance of the soul, which might lead to an illness. This ceremony brings these spirits into harmony and conveys good fortune to your body. Experience this intimate and exclusive ritual from the true perspective of a Laos native.

Element 2Sense-Inspired Lunch: Replenish your body with a personally created menu by our executive chef.  

Element 3Cleansing Water Ritual:  Your treatment begins with a cleansing with water from the Star Gooseberry and Air Plant sprayed over your body, producing a refreshed sensation prior to the invigorating and detoxifying full body scrub.  

Element 4Invigorating Scrub: The mixture of White Crane, Good Luck Tree, Sweet Flag, Cassia Fistula and local Brown Sugar is a powerful exfoliator and is believed to bring harmony to you and your healing.

Element 5Detoxifying Massage: Your traditional Lao journey will finish with an invigorating and energizing massage.

At the conclusion of this extraordinary experience, you should find balance, connection and greater meaning in your continued journey through life.

Duration: 5 hours + Spa lunch

300 Mins

Nuad Sou Kha Phab Dee | healthy journey

Laos ancestors used salt to cleanse the body, scrubbing the salt directly on their feet, hands or back to remove dead skin cells and re-mineralize the body.

This traditional healthy journey will start with a scrub combining salt harvested in Ban Nateuy village and honey from Xien Khouang. This powerful duo of ingredients leaves your skin soft and smooth.

A traditional wrap with red clay sourced from the Luang Prabang area is rich in minerals, excellent for sensitive and dehydrated skin and ideal to help release excess toxins in the body.

The indigenous journey will conclude with a massage using a mixture of gentle kneading and body stretching. 

This powerful combination of healing techniques delivers a replenished body and soul.

210 Mins


Our progressive skin care delicately balances technology and nature. Providing immediate results from the purest of ingredients, we strive to bring to light your natural beauty and delay the natural aging process.

Luxury Caviar Facial

This ultimate in luxury facials utilizes anti-aging caviar proteins to firm, tone, refine and deeply hydrate the skin. Results are immediate, leaving your skin supple, healthy and luminescent. Caviar proteins deeply nourish and replenish your skin at a cellular level throughout this luxuriously effective treatment. Precious marine-derived extracts work deep within the skin to optimize moisture levels, reinforce the skin matrix and rejuvenate the complection as our signature acu-lift facial massage and 16-point acupressure treatment improves firmness and tone. 

90 Mins

Brightening Facial

Advanced formulas are combined to target hands, face, neck and décolleté for immediate improvement in texture, tone, clarity and luminosity in the health of the skin.  A powerful blend of skin-illuminating botanicals combined with an Acti-5 brightening complex synergistically work together to visibly fade dark spots. Your skin will instantly look radiant and dewy.

90 Mins

Organic Aromatherapy Facial

Reconnect with nature, spirit and self with this deluxe facial that combines modern skincare with the ancient art of aromatherapy. Nourish and replenish your complection with organic oils and botanical essences customized to the needs of your skin and state of mind. Aromatherapy is featured throughout, from selected cleansers and toners to blended oils, masques and treatments. The many benefits of this facial make a visible and immediate impact on the skin.

60 Mins


Our spa therapists use massage techniques that incorporate traditional practices from around the world to nurture the body and help protect and sustain its strength and well-being.

Traditional Lao Massage | energizing & traditional

Lao Massage, which has been practiced for centuries, incorporates deep tissue techniques, pressure point massage and stretching to improve blood circulation, soothe tired muscles and restore general well-being. This combination brings balance and harmony and relieves tension, so you emerge energized and renewed.

90 Mins

Nuad Khong Khoi | customized massage

This personally tailored massage treatment includes highly concentrated local aromatherapy oils that directly impact the nervous, digestive and endocrine systems, to immediately assist the body in combating individual ailments. The result you desire – to energize, relax or detoxify –is found in the aromatherapy you select -- Citronelle, Eucalyptus or Camphor Tree.  All help to nurture and support your body from head to toe.

90 Mins

Back, Head & Scalp Therapy Treatment | stress relief

This scalp therapy treatment is highly effective in improving circulation and decreasing muscle tension and is ideal for relief from migraines or headaches, or to help the body to relieve pain and muscle tension. This treatment also includes a coconut hair wrap, rich in antioxidants to improve overall scalp health, complemented by a back massage. Your hair will have improved volume and shine without the use of harmful chemicals.

90 Mins

Nuad Phon Khai Tin | tension relief

The solar plexus is our personal warehouse for stress and foot massage is an ideal way to help release tension in this location and throughout the entire body. This treatment includes a traditional wrap of Crinum Lily which is heated and wrapped around the feet and legs to help to relieve pain or tiredness by drawing out toxins and impurities. A scalp massage is the finishing touch for ultimate relaxation.

90 Mins


Sense Etiquette

Please be advised that it is good practice to shower before any treatment. Silence, peace and respect are part of our Sense philosophy; please be considerate of other guests’ space and privacy. Kindly silence any electronic devices you might have before entering the spa sanctuary.

Spa Arrival

Our hosts will escort you to from The Great House and introduce you to the Sense team. Please arrive at the Great House 20 minutes before your appointment. A late arrival will affect the duration of your scheduled appointment.

Scheduling & Cancellation

Please contact The Great House directly to reserve your spa experience or to reschedule existing spa reservations. We recommend advance reservations to ensure availability. If you wish to reschedule or cancel your booking, please be advised that 24 hours is required in order for us to accommodate your request, or two hours if the appointment is made on the same day. No-show or last-minute cancellation will incur a 100% charge.

Sense Attire

Bathrobes, slippers and disposable underclothing are available at Sense for your comfort.

Health Conditions & Allergies

Kindly consult with your physician before reserving any treatment or using our facility. If you have any allergies, please make sure to inform one of our Sense associates.

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