Arabia meets the West with a healthy twist


Courtesy of the Armani empire, a standout at a luxury mall

Abu Dhabi is one of the Middle East’s most vibrant and international cities, and its dining scene fully lives up to its reputation. From American-style cafes with a touch of Arabia to fine dining restaurants featuring global cuisines, the city is replete with delicious flavors. Not just a feast for the eyes, Abu Dhabi is also a feast for the palate.




Indian inspired cuisine.An ingenious reinterpretation of the flavours of the subcontinent, with a contemporary twist. A stunning, loft-style setting designed to foster social interaction and culinary discovery.

Tamba’s dishes combine the finest seasonal ingredients with a precise, exquisite technique and beautiful presentation. The menu encourages sharing and experimentation, retaining the social aspect of traditional Indian dining. A thoughtful wine list, with an emphasis on champagne, complements both the flavours of the food and the overall sense of occasion. Exciting, innovative signature cocktails are infused with the essence of contemporary India. 


Reinterpreting Italian cuisine, the Roberto's team introduces a distinct culinary experience of both the familiar and new by offering classic and modern Italian cuisine including signature dishes. The culinary team have come together to create a homegrown concept that blends Roman passion for food, Riccione hospitality, and Milanese style to the Abu Dhabi gastronomic scene.

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A trendy gem of an eatery in a city filled with flashy restaurants, Zuma serves innovative Japanese cuisine in a distinctive setting that merges lounge, bar and restaurant together with a small semi-private dining room. Evenings are enlivened by a DJ and live entertainment. This is sure to be a smart dining choice for the discerning traveler.