Rosewood Abu Dhabi aims to provide family-centric fun for all, and that includes catering to its youngest guests. Rosewood Explorers, the resort’s program for kids, is designed to provide children with a unique playtime experience in the UAE’s capital, offering a range of special services, amenities and convenience items aimed directly at their interests.

We introduce our children to the many wonders of the world and how to preserve its beauty and their very important contributions to our global environment.

At Rosewood Abu Dhabi our young explorers are offered the opportunity to build awareness and understanding of our world, through gardening, art, motions, wildlife, culinary experiences and environmental awareness.

Discovering the many ways that we can minimize the harmful impact we have on the Earth, through thoughtful living, sharing sustainable principles and promoting eco-friendly lifestyle choices to promote our global eco-systems.

Embracing local culture we let children practice calligraphy, make Arabic cups and read books of local authors.

We teach children mindfulness with yoga sessions and introduce them to meditation.

We encourage children to look after our planet and natural resources by Gardening activities, opening the beautiful world of nature.

While understanding children needs, we also organize Fun Rally’s where they compete and let the steam off, while respecting each other differences. Cinema nights with pop corn outdoors is another great way to use our green loan outside on cool winter nights.

The following items are available for all guests during their stays. Please request specific services when making reservations to ensure availability:

  • Portable crib
  • Baby Primrose skincare products
  • En-suite wireless baby monitors
  • Full-size cribs and linens
  • In-room baby proofing service
  • Lush velour terry child-sized bath robes and slippers
  • Bottler warmers
  • Diapers
  • Toilet seat
  • Bibs

* Above mentioned products are subject to an extra charge in Rosewood Residences.



Guests can register at Rosewood Explorers to gain access to a world of fun activities. The program is designed for children over the age of three. Children must be out of diapers to participate in the program without a parent or nanny in attendance. Counselors will share details of the program at that time with parents or guardians. Parents are required to sign a registration/waiver form for their child before the program commences.


Rosewood Explorers programs are complimentary. Charges apply for babysitting services, meals and special events.



As one of the premier family hotels in Abu Dhabi, Rosewood Abu Dhabi is pleased to offer babysitting services for guests. Sitters requested by the guests and must be paid directly by the guest at time of service. A minimum 24-hours’ notice is requested so the hotel may appropriately meet each family's requirements. Rosewood Explorers has 4 hours babysitting option including dinner where children are entertained at the club among others.



Daily: 9:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.


+971 2 813 5537

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