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Combining a series of treatments, these journeys take you to a state of well-being. These transformative experiences include healthy meals, energizing smoothies and our seasonal beverages prepared according to the season.


This Journey is one of our most coveted experiences combining a decadent blend of our Signature treatment experiences. Our treatment Journey offers a true Sense of Place featuring some of the most prominent spices and ingredients found and used by the Arabian culture. Your Journey starts with our transforming Signature Scrub, followed by our sixty-minute Sense Signature Massage and completed by our ninety-minute Sense Signature Facial. A wellness experience that combines all of our most popular selections in an extraordinary Sense of Place Journey.

210 MinsAED 1800


This unique ceremony begins in an exotically scented milk bath where sweet florals are combined for their rich aromatic and soothing properties. As you step from the bath indulge in a ninety-minute custom massage utilizing our unique Arabian massage oils to enhance your senses. Choose one of our Meze treatments to accompany your experience and cater to your individual needs. Your Spa Journey can be enjoyed for one or is recommended as a unique and personalized experience for two.

180 MinsAED 1475


Begin with a heavenly Sugar Body Scrub rich with citrus and floral botanicals. Replenish your newly polished skin with an Herbal Rhassoul Clay body wrap, incorporating a scalp massage infused with warmed Argan oil to enrich the hair. Your experience will include a ninety-minute customized massage utilizing our signature Arabian Sense body oil and is concluded with our ninety-minute deluxe Diamond Facial utilizing a luxurious variety of our most exclusive facial products, leaving you looking and feeling like royalty. Our Meze treatments to accompany your experience and cater to your individual needs. Your Spa Journey can be enjoyed for one or is recommended as a unique and personalized experience for two.

270 MinsAED 2595


Wellness is personal and so are the ways in which we bathe and nurture our skin. There is no single recipe that encapsulates all skin types or preferences. Sense Spa Abu Dhabi offers guests the true ability to nurture, treat and correct their skin, with their individual goals in mind. All of our skin care experiences include a decadent aromatherapy massage of the face, neck, décolleté and hands and a customized skin care regimen that is personally selected just for you.

The Extreme 360Global Anti-Age Ritual

Specially developed to maximize skin beauty and smooth the signs of aging by acting on the most sensitive areas of the face. This Rosewood signature Facial has been developed for mature, dehydrated, tired and dull skin looking for an extreme solution to fight the signs of aging. Including Japanese ritualistic eight-step process to skin recovery, this treatment includes everything from a specialized Bio-collagen treatment mask, back massage and scalp massage. A comprehensive and intoxicating treatment experience, unparalleled. Your skin recovers radiance, vitality and firmness.

90 MinsAED 1460

The Ultimate Triple Collagen Skin Care

Experience the ultimate anti-aging ritual to smooth the skin and décolleté, reduce fine lines and redefine facial contours. Specifically designed for skin lacking firmness and tone, the seven minute Bio Collagen Hydra Lift Mask provides an instant “wake up” effect to tired and dull skin. Your skin will look plumped and visibly younger, from the very first treatment.

75 MinsAED 790


The ultimate facial experience developed using the sophisticated DIAMOND collection. Products and ingredients which are most luxurious, exclusive jewels for your skin. This 90-minute anti-aging facial will accomplish a 3-step exfoliation; incorporate highly concentrated nectar serums, a gold and pearl mask and a myo-facial lifting massage. Its results surpass every expectation and ensure visible rejuvenation after the first application.

90 MinsAED 1365


A customized facial that addresses your skin’s specific needs. Incorporating evolutionary skincare that involves a deep cleanse, antioxidant mask, a gentle peel and tranquil massage. This tailor made facial treatment will restore your skin to proper balance and assist in cellular repair.

75 MinsAED 790



A “glow activator intensive program” to restore the original skin radiance of the face, neck and décolleté. Created for skin with increased pigmentation concerns and dark spots. This six-step facial experience nourishes, renews and protects the skin back to its youthful appearance and balanced complexion. We recommend a monthly cure of 4 weekly sessions for a spectacular and long-lasting brightening effect on the skin.

60 MinsAED 785


Protect & Hydrate 

A “Cellular Renewal Booster” for deep hydration, long lasting protection and a youthful glow. Dedicated to treating dehydrated skin to help restore optimal moisture levels, re-plump the skin and reduce fine lines. Particularly effective after sun bathing and exposure to external aggressions (wind, air conditioning, pollution).

60 MinsAED 730


A deep-cleansing “Skin Perfector” treatment inspired by a Japanese purifying tradition for a flawless complexion. Originally designed for combination, oily and blemish prone skintypes to reduce excess oil production, pimples, enlarged pores and redness. Specifically designed for seasonal changes or twice a month for maintaining balanced skin.

60 MinsAED 730


Illuminate & Tone 

An amazing “icy wake-up” effect for in-depth firming action & immediate healthy-looking skin. Ideally recommended for dull and tired skin needing a kick start to rejuvenation. Best suited just before an evening out or in the morning to start a busy day this treatment is highly effective in giving you a fresh foundation every time.

60 MinsAED 730


Combining the bountiful ingredients of nature's gardens and the luxurious amenities within our designer spa room, we offer an elevated treatment experience, where all you need and want is available in these decadent wellness selections.


An intoxicating escape in to one of Abu Dhabi’s most powerful antioxidants; pure dark Arabian honey. This staple of the Arabian culture is sourced locally and eloquently infused into this luxurious body treatment. A light exfoliation followed by an application of Arabian honey, Shea butter and warm Argan oil in a full body wrap leaves your skin hydrated and rich in anti-inflammatories. Incorporating our express facial with a light cleansing and hydrating treatment with our honey mask and concluding your treatment with a full body massage and heated oil hair treatment with pure Argan oil from Morocco. Your entire body will be left feeling smooth, supple and decadently hydrated.

120 MinsAED 1010


A more playful and holistic care ritual inspired by the cycle of the seasons. Begin your experience with a purifying fig, bergamot and rose full body scrub rinsed with hot towels. Enjoy a reassuring head, face, hand and foot massage, followed by a cold application on legs with mint and cut grass perfumed towels and an invigorating leg massage. Our stimulating stomach, upper chest, back and arm massage with broom flower and honey scented dry oil is a unique and powerfully healing experience that includes various and surprising sensations to purify, calm, invigorate and stimulate the body.

120 MinsAED 1040


A highly aromatic treatment done in praise of the Queen of all flowers and for those who admire one of nature’s most precious perfumes. This beautiful experience begins with an exfoliating cleanse using grains of ultra-fine sand from the Moroccan desert combined with Sea Salt and rich oils infused with Rose and Sandalwood. This unique experience includes a full-body massage with a sensual Rose blend of pure Argan oil. An addition of a Rosewater and Rhassoul Clay facial mask will be given as the treatment concludes with an upper body massage application of our decadent Rose Bliss balm, rich with Rose Centifolia, Rose Damascena, Evening Primrose Oil, and African Shea Butter. Fragrant, indulgent and nurturing from head to toe.

120 MinsAED 1250


Our Signature Scrub blend of Amber and Musk are combined to polish away dry skin, leaving it smoother in appearance and softer to the touch. A therapeutic massage treatment using our signature Arabian Sense body oil, infused with custom-blended Arabian botanicals of Sandalwood and Frankincense are a powerful reminder of how your senses can instantly transport you anywhere in the world. Feel instantly relaxed and promote overall immune support and well-being.

90 MinsAED 820
120 MinsAED 1040


A solar and enchanting sensation inspired by the summer fields, this energizing treatment is intended to build up energy, warm the body and enhance the mood. With a delicious fragrance of broom flower and honey, a gourmet sugar scrub exfoliates the whole body to promote circulation and cellular renewal. A warm dry-oiling softens the skin and an energetic massage onto legs, back and arms stimulates the entire body for a gentle sun-like sensation.

90 MinsAED 995


True to the origins of MAISON CAULIÈRES, this flagship hand treatment, inspired by hand reflexology, begins with a creamy hand scrub, followed by a comforting moisturizing mask. Then a relaxing hand and arm massage eliminates muscle tension and encourages body and mind to balance by stimulating the hand reflex points. An invitation to a global sensation of well-being. 

60 MinsAED 630


A memorable experience pairing our Moroccan Herbal Hammam followed by a full body customized massage with the most decadent of body balms. After completing your traditional cleansing ritual in one of our Hammam steam chambers you will transfer to your private Spa Suite. Your entire body is treated to a healing massage with a powerful and richly aromatic blend of exotic Arabian ingredients. Be prepared to leave with radiant skin embalmed in oils of Rose Damascena, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Argan, Rose Centifolia, Frangipani, and Macadamia.

120 MinsAED 1730


A purifying Hammam utilizing Eucalyptus scented black soap from Morocco. After a vigorous exfoliation with the traditional Hammam Kese mitt a full body wrap is done using a detoxifying blend of Rhassoul clay and herbal aromatics including Geranium, Citrus and Mint. This body mask will assist to further draw out impurities and soften the skin. Complete this unique detox ceremony with a full body massage incorporating a nourishing oil infused with alluring Amber or vibrant Verbena.

90 MinsAED 860
sense massage


Our collection of therapeutic massages offers a unique wellness treatment created just for you. Combining expert touch through a customized infusion of aromatic plant and flower extracts, such as, rose, cardamom and mint herbs. These uniquely blended ingredients are combined with high quality essential oil blends to promote balance and relief. Choose from the following restorative selections and consult with your therapist for a more customized massage experience.


As important as our name, Rosewood offers more than just a promise of luxury, it offers centuries old wellness experiences. A therapeutic blend of massage techniques while using smooth, heated rosewood sticks throughout the massage to increase the effectiveness of this treatment experience. Our signature oil, infused with custom-blended Arabian botanicals of frankincense and Oud, will instantly relax your muscles and promote your overall health and well-being.

90 MinsAED 820


A Rosewood Signature full body massage focusing on healing properties, freely inspired by Deep Tissue massage. Two versions of this exclusive Signature massage are offered in reference to the seasonal universe: a comforting creamy touch with citrus notes or a broom flower and honey scented warm and enchanting dry oil sensation on skin. Deep pressure and stretching massage techniques are applied to relieve muscle tension, enhance circulation and stimulate the metabolism for detoxification. A “firmer feeling of the moment”.

90 MinsAED 945


A customized massage utilizing various techniques specific to the therapists training from their particular region. Acupressure, Thai, Balinese, Swedish and Ayurvedic are possible upon request and can be combined to create a unique experience for your therapeutic needs.

90 MinsAED 820


A singular aromatherapy experience allowing you to choose from a selection of healing essential oils that will be used to enhance your customized massage and create your own personalized inhalation experience. A true offering of wellness utilizing Swedish, deep tissue and acupressure techniques to relieve muscle tension, increase circulation and restore energy balance.

90 MinsAED 820


A popular massage with Asian influences and techniques where guests can wear their own comfortable loose clothing or utilize the Thai clothing provided in the Spa. Starting at the feet and legs and moving up to the head, this massage aims to connect and balance the mind and body while being carefully moved, loosened, stretched, and kneaded. A combination of Yogic styled stretches, Shiatsu acupressure and regular massage techniques are all utilized to achieve optimal therapeutic results.

90 MinsAED 820


An intoxicating stone massage that intertwines the warmth of natures’ stones and the rich spices of Arabia. Heated smooth Basalt stones are dipped in exquisite oil blends and combined with aromatic essential oils to create this unique thermotherapy massage treatment.

90 MinsAED 820


A detailed therapeutic foot treatment believed to improve circulation, unblock congestion, and promote relaxation throughout the body while focusing on specific reflexive pressure points of the feet. Begins with a foot cleansing ritual and massage to warm the muscles.

45 MinsAED 450



Specifically designed to meet the skin-care needs of men. A stimulating and refreshing facial that purifies and exfoliates the skin, while protecting and soothing it from the effects of environmental damage and razor burn.

60 MinsAED 620


A deeper muscle and connective tissue manipulation with a focus on unraveling tension in tighter bound up muscles and improving overall range of motion. Highly recommended for a release of the underlying muscular tissue or for a sports specific massage.

60 MinsAED 605
90 MinsAED 820


This authentic cleansing Hammam treatment is done in the traditional Turkish style. After heating the body in the Hammam steam chamber, a Kese mitt and hand-crafted Olive and Laurel soap are used to bring about a vigorous exfoliation and soap massage cleansing. Your newly reenergized skin is then nourished with a herbal infused oil to further encourage health and healing. This Hammam treatment includes a shampoo and condition of the hair with organic marine based hair products.

60 MinsAED 580


This unique collection of small spa accompaniments is inspired by local customs. Combine 2 or more of any body polish, massage additions, or therapeutic soaks to create your own custom treatment or to add-on and enhance another treatment on the menu. Must be paired with another meze treatment or service in the menu.


A tribute to the legendary Queen of Egypt and her time-tested beauty regime. An aromatic milky bath blended with exotic florals that will leave the skin soft and sensual to the touch.

30 MinsAED 310


A purposeful blend of aromatherapy oils combined to create a fragrant and therapeutic soak that will help reverse the fatiguing effects of travel or post-workout aches and pains. Targeting stiff muscles and joints, fluid retention and poor circulation, this energizing treatment will help revive and stimulate the mind and the body.

30 MinsAED 310

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