The British Virgin Islands is an idyllic location for sailing. The three-day BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival is just one of many annual races and regattas held in BVI that include the charity Poker Run, enthusiastically supported by BVI locals and famous residents like Richard Branson.


Easter in Virgin Gorda is three days of celebrations, calypso and carnival-style parades. Starting Easter Saturday, live music, dancing, pageants and a food fair draws dancers and musicians from across the Caribbean. The festivities culminate with the largest parade in Spanish Town on Easter Monday.


The folk art of the Caribbean is a beautiful statement of past and present life in the region. Artists from all over the Caribbean bring their pieces to local art galleries in the British Virgin Islands. Travelers to the region will find it easy to explore the nearby galleries and bring a piece of Caribbean culture home.


Specializing in photography, The Allamanda Gallery showcases the work of Amanda Baker that captures the beauty of seascapes, rock formations, and beautiful flora and fauna of the islands.

Rosewood Little Dix Bay invites guests to set out on an adventurous excursion to absorb the traditions and culture of the mystic islands scattered throughout the Caribbean waters. From the signature rolling hills to white and sandy beaches to dramatic geological formations and sailing the clear seas, Virgin Gorda is a pristine paradise that offers excitement and serenity.


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The Allamanda Gallery

Guests visiting the Baths on Virgin Gorda may easily visit The Allamanda Gallery located at Top of the Baths. This gallery serves as a showcase for the work of professional photographer Amanda Baker. Much of her work pays homage to the natural beauty of the local seascapes, the unusual rock formations, and beautiful flora and fauna of the region.

Aragorn Studios

Located on nearby Tortola, Aragorn Studios offers the opportunity to discover local Caribbean folk art from all over the region. From T-shirts to sculpture, there is a wide variety, including authentic local art on display.


BVI Full Moon Parties

Full Moon Parties bring life to the brightest night of the month in Virgin Gorda. Across the British Virgin Islands Full Moon parties offer an upbeat lively pace of celebration for an otherwise calm and peaceful destination. Guests partake in delicious local drinks, then dance or lounge on a moonlit beach in the company of locals and fellow travelers alike.


The Baths of Virgin Gorda

The British Virgin Islands’ most famous geological landmark is The Baths situated on the southwestern tip of Virgin Gorda. Named after large volcanic boulders that toppled over one another forming spectacular salt-water grottoes and pools, it is a picturesque site for swimming and snorkeling. Visitors can explore the 20-minute snorkel trail through the boulders and pools to the more secluded Devil’s Bay.


Little Dix Bay’s pristine, half-mile crescent beach is considered one of the finest in the world. A coral reef just off the beach provides excellent snorkeling and protects the bay, ensuring calm water for swimming year round. A beach of this caliber is rare anywhere outside of the South Pacific region. Private water taxis also transport guests to seven other secluded local beaches each with a character of its own.

Hiking around Virgin Gorda

The Cow Hill Trail winds behind the spa on the west side of the resort and offers spectacular views of the bay and towards the marina (approximately 40 minutes.) The Savannah Bay trail starts at the eastern end of the resort and offers a more rigorous and lengthy trek that culminates at Savannah Bay for a refreshing dip in the ocean before returning home (60 minutes.)

Hike to Gorda Peak

At 1,500 feet, Gorda Peak is the highest point on the island. A trail that winds through the National Park is accessible from the island's north road and allows hikers to start mid-way up the peak and summit in about 20 minutes. Guests can climb the lookout, enjoy a bottle of champagne at sunset and experience breathtaking views.

Spanish Town

Just a 15-minute stroll from the resort, guests will find Spanish Town, the island's main town and home to the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour and shopping center. Visitors can shop for souvenirs and also visit The Copper Mine. Cornish miners built the mines on Virgin Gorda in the 19th century and remains of the chimney, boiler house, cistern and mine shafts can still be seen.

Anegada Island

Fifteen miles to the northeast of Virgin Gorda lies the sparsely populated island of Anegada, a coral atoll known for its miles of uninterrupted white sand beaches, turquoise waters and fresh local Anegada lobster (frequently featured on the resort's dinner menu.) Rosewood Little Dix Bay offers guests the chance to experience this unique island for a day-trip by boat or by plane.