Empress Dowager Cixi Facial

Empress Dowager Cixi, arguably the most successful concubine in China’s history, entered the court as a concubine, gave birth to the emperor’s only surviving son and eventually became the de facto ruler of Qing dynasty China for 47 years after her husband’s death.


The jade roller was one of the signature beauty tools in the Qing dynasty, used to massage the face and neck to promote elasticity and improve circulation in the skin. Sense combines this technique with the lost remedy from Empress Cixi, to brighten and smooth the skin.


90 MinsCNY 1,880

Sand & Wood

The health of the imperial family in the Forbidden City was of paramount importance and many practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine settled in Beijing. Techniques such as tui na, acupuncture and cupping were specialties founded and refined in this city. Beijing was well-known for its “pat therapy” massage which used velvet satchels of sand and artisan-carved wooden implements to stimulate the body and improve blood flow.  The treatment helped to detox and revitalize the body by stimulating acupressure points to relieve physical fatigue. Only the empress or high-ranking concubines could avail themselves of this Lost Remedy which they enjoyed following their baths. Sense has recreated this sacred treatment, adding a welcoming foot bath to improve blood circulation and increase the body’s warmth. 

90 MinsCNY 1,880

Hair Fare Maiden

Qing Dynasty consorts were very particular about hair care, washing their tresses with a blend of traditional medicines and Chinese herbs such as chrysanthemum powder to help improve their overall hair quality. They hand-selected specific combs for different parts of the scalp to maintain cleanliness, increase blood circulation and ensure the even distribution of oils along the hair. Concubines had strong black shining hair well into their 70s.

Our luxury service recreates these ancient remedies to offer you a full upper body experience including a scalp, neck and shoulder massage as well as an intense hair treatment, emulating the rituals of the concubines and their careful attention to enhancing their appearance to best advantage.  

90 MinsCNY 1,580

Emperor’s Foundation

Ancient tales from Forbidden City concubines tell of the rituals of the emperor’s journey into each day. A foot cleansing involved soaking the royal feet in a warm bath of botanical extracts, and was essential to help cleanse the emperor’s aura, keeping him grounded and humble in his heavy task of ruling China. Our extensive lower body treatment of bathing, massage and moisturizing offers special attention to the legs and feet, relieving tension, improving blood flow and nourishing the skin.


60 MinsCNY 880


Combining a series of unique and luxurious experiences, Sense Journeys bring you to a true state of well-being.


A one-on-one private yoga session boosts your immune system and assists in improving your quality of sleep. Uplift the body with an awakening aromatic steam experience followed by a Sense Signature 90-minute massage, further challenging the body to stretch and release.

150 MinsCNY 2,380


This journey begins with a 60-minute private lesson with our fitness trainer. After warming up your muscles, the body benefits from a post work-out cooling exfoliation followed by a luxurious and soothing massage. Then experience a truly refreshing facial that will restore hydration and balance to the PH of the skin. A custom plan to assist you with your wellness and nutrition goals is presented upon the completion of your journey.

180 MinsCNY 3,080


Begin with a stretching and breathing ritual with your healing therapist to assist the mind to flow into a meditative state. A full body polish helps prepare your skin to receive an intense infusion of hydration with a warm stone massage. Our expert therapists also perform our exclusive Facial, restoring firmness and glow to the skin. Our final step to rejuvenation is to replenish the body with a foot reflexology treatment.

240 MinsCNY 4,800


Nourishing the skin was an imperial preoccupation and we have selected the greatest of these treatments to help your skin be at its best.

Rosewood Signature Extreme 360° Ritual

Using products from EviDenS de Beaute, this unforgettable 8-step ritual was designed exclusively for Rosewood Hotels and Resorts. Your treatment begins with a neck. back and shoulder massage witch has relaxing effects not only for your back but also for your facial muscles. Specially developed to stimulate cell renewal and to actively fight against signs of aging. this treatment has been developed for dehydrated and life stressed skin looking to regain radiance, energy and firmness.  

90 MinsCNY 3280

The Ultimate Lifting Ritual

Experience the ultimate anti-aging ritual to smooth the skin and decollete, reduce fine lines and redefine facial contours. Specifically designed for skin lacking firmness and tone, the seven-minute Bio Collagen Hydra Lift Mask provides an instant "wake up" effect to tired and dull skin. Your skin will look plumped and visibly younger, from the very first treatment. 

90 MinsCNY 2,880

The Essential Detox Ritual

Dedicated to combination, oily and blemish-prone skin to fight and reduce excess shine, congestion, enlarged pores and inflammation. Highly effective during the change of seasons or twice a month, for sustained skin re-balancing. A deep-cleansing "Skin Perfecting" treatment inspired by Japan purifying tradition for a flawless complexion. 

60 MinsCNY 1,880

The Essential Youth Bloom Ritual

An "energizing vitamin cocktail" to magnify and preserve the natural glow of younger skin. This treatment is the perfect experience for anyone looking to learn more about how to properly care for their skin from an early age. Created for young skin of any type and best suited when the complexion appears dull or before an important event. 

60 MinsCNY 1680


Nurturing the body from the inside out, these treatments leave you relaxed and renewed.

Detox Glow

Purify and brighten the entire body with the active effects of scrub product to instantly restore the skin’s youthful appearance. Exfoliating dead skin cells prepares the skin to absorb the hydrating elements of essential oils in a full body massage.

90 MinsCNY 1,580

Body Press

A powerful antioxidant body treatment to protect and boost the skin’s natural barriers, this full body hydrating treatment helps keep the skin’s elasticity strong and enhances cellular performance. Enjoy a deeply nourishing and soothing massage treatment to highlight your newly replenished skin.

90 MinsCNY 1,880


Inspired by healing traditions from around the world, our spa therapists use an array of massage techniques to restore the mind-body-spirit connection.

Sense Signature

Customized for your condition, therapists tailor a combination of massage techniques to address your individual needs and to help relieve your individual aches and pains.

60 / 90 MinsCNY 1,180 / 1,580

Therapeutic Solution

Ideal for athletes and active gym-goers, this combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage emphasizes prevention and helps heal muscle and tendon injuries.

90 MinsCNY 1,580

Jade Stone

An ancient stone prized for its healing benefits, jade is soothingly moved across the body to relieve sore muscles, encourage deep tissue healing, release toxins and strengthen blood vessels. This deeply relaxing and nurturing treatment replenishes so much more than tired muscles.

90 MinsCNY 1,680

Tui Na

Practiced in China for more than 2,000 years, this healing therapy works on the body’s energy points combining gliding, kneading, vibration, tapping, friction, pulling, rolling and pressure point movements. Ideal for addressing chronic pain, Tui Na produces the unique sensation of both relaxation and rejuvenation.

90 MinsCNY 1,480

Foot Therapy

A therapy rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, this pressure point massage improves circulation, energizes, promotes overall well-being and restores the natural energy pathways throughout the body. A true soul-to-sole experience.

60 MinsCNY 780


The luxury products utilized in these treatments are created exclusively for the needs and care of a man's skin these products use natural ingredients that are lights and easily absored so that daily skincare becomes comfortable, simple and pleasant. 

Pure Energy

Designed exclusively for a man, this energizing and detoxifying facial help restore the skin’s firmness, reduce shine and renew cellular energy. An invigorating treatment ideal for men’s overall skin health. 

75 MinsCNY 1,480

Mineral Polish

Created from sea ingredients and marine extracts, this full body exfoliation is applied with massage movements to remove dead skin cells and promote circulation. The mineral salts act to reduce inflammation in the body to reveal a smooth and hydrated glow to your skin from head to toe.

90 MinsCNY 1,360


These treatments usher budding spa goers (12 years old and above) into the world of spa. A parent or guardian needs to be present for all spa services.

Face First

An ideal treatment for youths experiencing hormonal skin changes or those wanting to kick-start a facial regimen. After a thorough consultation, our therapist will choose the most delicate and suitable facial. Includes an educational lesson on proper cleansing and other skin care tips.

45 MinsCNY 880

Essential Masking

Young adults experience a transition in the skin as it matures and during this time many areas of the body produce extra oils. This deep cleansing and masking treatment on the back, chest and face helps to eliminate excess topical oils and restore the skin’s PH balance. A natural detoxifying treatment ideal for young people.

60 MinsCNY 1080


To make the most of the spa experience, guests are requested to follow etiquette and review the spa’s policies.

Please be advised that it is good practice to shower before any treatment.
Silence, peace and respect are part of our Sense philosophy.
Please consider other guests’ space and privacy.
Please silence any electronic devices you might have before entering the facility.

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