A doorway to old Beijing

A treasure trove of heritage architecture and historical relics

Located right at the heart of China’s bustling capital, Rosewood Beijing is a place where age-old traditions merge beautifully with this era’s exciting possibilities. The experience subliminally and symbolically mirrors the ageless Chinese concept of journey and welcome: of travelers arriving at imposing city gates and passing through fine gardens, engaging with their hosts and delighting in unexpected experiences and surroundings, before finally, as though ascending through a classic Chinese mountainscape, arriving at their own private aerie and relaxing retreat.

Rosewood Beijing’s structural form and abundance of landscaped outdoor space, the curated artwork, the choice of refreshing or stimulating retreats within the hotel, and culinary experiences designed to enchant with authenticity and style -- all combine to create a landscape of surprising discoveries, sensory engagement and authentic experiences.

Ancient Chinese artistic legacies and cultural beliefs are reinterpreted in novel ways, resulting in stunning artworks that enrich the public and private spaces. The collection also serves as a doorway to China’s distant past, peeling back the layers of the present to reach the core of Chinese culture - its old customs, ancient rites and enduring art forms.

Rosewood Beijing’s art and artistry in all things – which in totality create a “living canvas” – extends to the most private of spaces, in the guestrooms themselves. Both homelike and refined, they are filled with the luxury of simple pleasures, from contemporary art to accessories, books and fine accoutrements that exquisitely express A Sense of Place® and encourage deep relaxation.

Rosewood Beijing blends cultural touchstones, architectural traditions and contemporary style to reflect the history, art and vibrancy of Beijing. Its intimate connection to its location allows guests to embark upon their own personal journeys of authentic and exquisite discoveries within one of the world’s most fascinating destinations.