Artist and Architect, Tannaz Oroumchi, is known for her rebellious re-imaginings of the city of London, creating a version of the capital in which the metropolis’ most valuable commodity – space – is harnessed to its full potential.

"Architecture has the ability to affect deep structures of belief. It is capable of developing a means of expanding beyond existing social, political, economic and cultural constrictions and suppressions."

– Tannaz Oroumchi

The work is conceptually driven to create an aesthetic that breaks visual idealisms, allowing the possibility for others to be revealed.

Oroumchi also looks beyond London and applies this technique to urban landscapes around the world, giving buyers the unique opportunity to possess a reimagined version of their own city.

All art works are original, hand-drawn with ink on film by Tannaz Oroumchi, and are precisely completed to scale.