The Glenlivet Glade

October 19, 2018

This winter, Rosewood London will collaborate with the definitive Speyside Single Malt Scotch whisky brand The Glenlivet, to transform the hotel’s iconic courtyard into a magical woodland glade. Tucked away from the Christmas crowds, guests will discover The Glenlivet Glade, an immersive winter terrace, where they can settle in for the evening and enjoy a selection of The Glenlivet cocktails and comforting dishes, all while sitting under a spectacular starry ‘night sky’.

Located in the heart of Holborn, The Glenlivet Glade at Rosewood London takes inspiration from a winter’s scene in the remote Livet valley in Scotland, where The Glenlivet founder George Smith first learnt his craft. Hiding from the Customs Officers and soldiers and determined to act as the guardian for outstanding quality of Speyside Single Malt, George Smith took many measures to preserve his distillery’s reputation as the benchmark of excellence and became the first legal distiller in the parish of Glenlivet. With other competitors desperate to take the name ‘Glenlivet’ for themselves to capitalise of our notoriety, John found the solution in a small but powerful three-letter word. He fought hard for the rights to that word and in 1884 we became the one and only THE Glenlivet.

Upon entering The Glenlivet Glade, guests will be fully immersed into the sights and smells of a remote woodland experience with the centerpiece being an evocative night sky above and encasing the terrace. Bringing the outside in, the glade will welcome guests into an un-spoilt world of the Scottish Highlands, evoking carefree memories of evenings spent outside enveloped by nature, under the stars. Sounds of woodland nightfall will surround guests as they snuggle under fur blankets, sip on warming whisky cocktails and feast on sweet and savoury treats from the Holborn Dining Room kitchen.

The Glenlivet Glade cocktail menu will champion Scottish whisky, serving modern twists on a selection of hot and cold whisky cocktails. Highlights include:

George ‘Fashioned Three Ways’

Guests will be able to order this classic cocktail according to their personal preference of taste. The Old Fashioned will be offered as a choice of fruity, smoky or sweet, catering to preferences across the taste spectrum using The Glenlivet whiskies aged in different barrels, which give each spirit its unique taste:

  • The Glenlivet Nàdurra Oloroso (Fruity) - Flavours of raisins, apricots and dried fruit are at the forefront of this cocktail as a result of the whisky being aged in an Oloroso Sherry Oak cask from Jerez. The drink is served with cherry bitters and a ginger cookie on the side.
  • The Glenlivet Nàdurra Peated Whisky Cask Finish (Smoky) - The heavily peated casks in which the The Glenlivet Nàdurra was aged gives this drink its distinctive aromatic smokiness, which is heightened with the addition of three dashes of whisky barrel bitters.
  • The Glenlivet Nàdurra First Fill Selection (Sweet) – Aged in American oak cask gives this serve gives sweet notes of juicy pineapple, ripe banana and soft vanilla fudge. An addition of homemade apple, cinnamon and clover syrup adds to this unique twist on the classic.

Flying Scotsman

This smoky, earthy cocktail inspired by the Scottish Highlands mixes The Glenlivet 18 Year Old, pine-infused Belsazar Dry Vermouth and Campari with a homemade apple, cinnamon and clover syrup. Served hot, a sip of this warming, well-rounded serve evokes nostalgic feelings of huddling around an open campfire under the stars. 

The Smuggler

The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve forms the base of The Smuggler, which contains Vermouth Royal Rouge, Maraschino and fresh orange juice. Dried orange and flamed rosemary will garnish the drink, finishing this sweeter cocktail with a fragrant and savoury scent.

Speyside Coffee

A twist on the better-known Irish coffee, this cocktail uses The Glenlivet Nàdurra Peated Whisky Cask Finish to give a smoky character, and will be served hot along with fresh coffee and an orange, cinnamon and ginger foam, giving a smooth, subtle finish. Perfect for a post-dinner pick me up.

Orchard Reserve

Those looking for a lighter take on the whisky cocktail are invited to try the Refreshing Apple, which combines Founder’s Reserve with Calvados, fresh apple juice and a homemade cinnamon and ginger soda. This drink is served long over ice for a crisp, light serve.

A flight of The Glenlivet whiskies, ranging from cask editions to the 25 Year Old, will also be available to those looking to educate and expand their whisky knowledge. A selection of spirits, wines and beers will be provided to those less partial to a dram.

The interiors will further echo the aesthetics of rural Scottish living and the beauty of the un-spoilt world, complete with woodland furnishings and natural stone features. The Glenlivet Glade will be fully equipped with woolly throws and blankets for chillier evenings to keep warm underneath the twinkling skyscape above.

Opening Hours:
The Glenlivet Glade will be open from Tuesday 6th November – Saturday 2nd March, from 4.00pm to 10.00pm