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The healing traditions of British people have been refined over hundreds of years, intertwining exotic ingredients with European touch, a combination unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Epsom salt which is rich in magnesium and sulphate has been sourced from a spa town in Surrey, England and has been used for thousands of years in British healing. The ways in which Epsom salt have been used, proved to be so effective, it became a widely known practice that was quickly shared around the world.

The presence of rose in British culture is as rich as British history. Ancient crusaders brought roses to Europe where they very quickly became a staple of British lifestyle. Lingering under your nose and offering an exquisite presentation, these flowers have become a common source of beautifying rituals throughout Britain and the rest of the world. Roses have always been a symbol for beauty, perfection, love and respect, an ideal combination to represent Britain’s influence on natural and luxury healing.

Only at Sense®, a Rosewood Spa will you experience them as you once would, centuries ago.

With our revival touch, we are offering you “Present of the Past” remedies, giving you a true Sense of Place while you are with us in London.

Detoxifying Body Ritual

In the early 17th century, the town of Surrey was known as a spa town. The town gave its name to Epsom salt, as this rich magnesium sulphate ingredient was originally sourced from mineral waters called, Epsom. Experience our Epsom rich body treatment with a magnesium sulphate salt scrub sourced from Epsom, that will help exfoliate the skin and to remove excess toxins from the body. After your private steam shower, a mixture of detox oils with juniper, grapefruit and geranium are used to massage your entire body to help intensify your detoxification results. Improve your sleep, improve muscle tension and reduce inflammation with this pure Epsom experience.

90 Mins£ 170

British Rose Body Massage

Nourishing rose massage became popular in England during the time of Queen Victoria, it represented stature and elegance. Our British Rose Body Massage incorporates the same ingredients of centuries ago, but more accessible to everyone seeking a healing spa experience. This British Rose massage helps to promote relaxation, improve circulation, ease muscle tension and improve flexibility. This traditional treatment includes our renowned British rose oil, damask rose cream and a complex mixture of lavender spike and honey myrtle to replenish aging skin and fight depression. A luxury tradition you will not soon forget.

60 Mins£ 125

Rose & Pink Clay Refining Ritual

A traditional rejuvenation therapy ideal for sun damage or harsh cold conditions. This treatment is especially effective for stretch marks and eczema. This ritual starts with a jojoba body polish to exfoliate and cleanse the body, followed by a refining body mask rich in pink clay and herbal extracts, such as mandarin and wild grown horsetail which help to tone, firm and condition the skin. Enhance your treatment while enjoying a scalp or facial massage during your body wrap for ultimate relaxation. Complete your treatment with a personalized steam shower and massage lotion application with our damask rose body cream and a mixture of refining body oils with rosemary and black pepper. A renewing treatment unlike any other.

90 Mins£ 190

British Rose Facial with Rose Quartz

This bespoke facial treatment promises a healthy glowing complexion influenced by the healing powers of rose. This tailored facial treatment incorporates rosehip serum, rosewater, rose quartz and unique massage techniques to deliver optimum results. Experience the cooling, soothing, relaxing and toning properties of rosewater and the plumping effects of rosehip on your skin. Rose quartz is the stone of the heart that offers tremendous healing properties to fight inflammation. When combining these four elements together, it maximizes blood flow, removes toxins and actively encourages healthy skin renewal, promoting itself as an effective anti-aging facial.

60 Mins£ 135


Combining a series of treatments, these journeys bring you to a state of bliss and solitude. Choose from any of our journeys to experience a deeper immersion into relaxation.

Sense Signature

This Sodashi signature journey will restore your radiance and melt away the tension. Your experience will start with a personalised full body massage drawing from a selection of our relaxing, harmonising or energising oils. Your experience is then followed by a personalised facial using our exclusive rejuvenate, balance, calm or mankind products including organic and chemical free ingredients.

120 Mins£ 230

Sense of Self

Treat your mind and body to ultimate indulgence. This relaxing experience includes a balance salt therapy containing himalayan crystal salt, sweet orange and rosewood to help release muscle tension and flush excess toxins. After a private warm shower enjoy a personalised full body massage, with a selection of our finest oils and body lotions. Conclude your tailored experience with a unique facial massage that stimulates muscles and promotes cell renewal. This is a luxurious journey to recover your balance.

180 Mins£ 320

Sense of Soul

A vanilla body exfoliation containing sandalwood powder that helps to sooth and calm your skin. Indulge in a luxurious massage using vanilla body butter, coconut oil and mango butter combined with a relaxing oil blend of fragonia and lavender spike. This is a perfect journey to relieve tired muscle and excess tension whilst renewing your body and mind.

105 Mins£ 210

Sense of Purifying

Your journey will start with a contouring body exfoliation and purifying body wrap. Our Marine scrub, rich in volcanic clay prepares your body for our mineral rich marine wrap containing marine extracts, plant essences and algae. These luxurious ingredients and treatments stimulate the lymphatic system and assist the body in removing accumulated toxins and smoothing cellulite. After your warm private shower, a contouring body gel of cypress and lemongrass, is combined with your choice of body lotion or detox oil that is methodically massaged onto your body. Your journey ends with a bespoke facial including a brightening face mask with grapefruit seed extracts and green argiletz clay. A true sense of purification from start to finish.

150 Mins£ 255

Sense of Luxury & Indulgence


Your journey starts with a full Maison Caulières sugar honey scrub followed by a full body massage using dry body oil containing extra virgin Maison Caulières complex which is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6. Enjoy a luxurious and elegant EviDenS de Beauté facial focusing on anti-aging. This facial treatment aims to offer restructuring, regenerating, moisturising and skin-brightening effects without irritating sensitive skin. The world-renowned skincare line EviDenS de Beauté contains Triple Collagen® and QAI® complex for a truly luxurious experience.

150 Mins£ 385


Personalised product selection is made by our expert therapists to ensure the best treatment for your skin type. Using refined ingredients, luxurious textures and sensual fragrances, combined with traditional British service, your search for a glowing complexion and complete rejuvenation ends here.

EviDenS de Beauté

Beauty is about scientific efficiency and personal emotions, EviDenS de Beauté created unique voluptuous face care spa rituals combining technical excellence and a celebration of the senses for the ultimate beauty experience. The perfect alliance of Japanese beauty technology and French elegance, EviDenS de Beauté offers an anti-aging skincare range tailored to sensitive skin.

EviDenS de Beauté Anti-Ageing Collagen Facial by Face Place

EviDenS de Beauté has joined forces with skin care expert Face Place to design a facial like no other. The enriched Triple Collagen lifts, tones and plumps the skin, whilst the galvanic current pushes the purifying vitamin C and zinc anti-oxidants deeper into the skin. Together they are the perfect alliance for skin radiance, rejuvenation and anti-ageing.

90 Mins£ 250

The Essential Detox Ritual

A deep-cleansing skin treatment inspired by the Japanese rituals of caring for the skin, introduce you to a purifying tradition for a flawless complexion. Intended for combination and oily skin types this facial is ideal to help reduce excess oil production, tighten pores and to reduce redness. Recommended for when the seasons change or twice a month for sustained skin rebalancing.

60 Mins£ 205

The Essential Fresh & Tone Ritual

Highly recommended for dull and tired skin, this ritual includes an amazing “icy wake up” textured mask which tightens the pores, lightens the complexion and clarifies congested skin. Your skin is given a fresh, clear and matte look that is best suited before a night out or first thing in the morning to kick start your day. This six-part facial is like fitness for the skin, leaving you and your face with a fresh perspective.

60 Mins£ 205

The Ultimate Instant Lifting Ritual

Experience the ultimate anti-aging ritual to smooth the skin and décolleté, reduce fine lines and redefine facial contours. Specifically designed for skin lacking firmness and tone, the seven- minute Bio Collagen Hydra Lift Mask provides an instant “wake up” effect to tired and dull skin. Your skin will look plumped and visibly younger, from the very first treatment.

75 Mins£ 295

The Extreme 360° Global Anti-Age Ritual

Specifically elaborated to maximise skin beauty and smooth the signs of aging; this is a Rosewood London signature treatment.This treatment has been developed for mature skin to ease dehydration, tiredness and dullness. Including a ritualistic eight-step process to skin recovery, this treatment brings firmness, density, vitality and radiance to the skin. A comprehensive and intoxicating treatment experience, unparalleled.

90 Mins£ 370


A journey of total renewal and deep relaxation. A facial experience that can be tailored to individual skin needs.

Pure Radiance

A facial that offers your skin a fresh start. Including a warm aromatic facial compress that softens and exfoliates the skin followed by Sodashi nurturing face mask rich in herbal extracts to purify and hydrate. Tailored to your needs this facial uses Sodashi plant essences to leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalised.

60 Mins£ 120


Designed to offer you extensive options when identifying the ideal match to your individual needs. Our invigorating body treatments leave you feeling detoxified, relaxed and renewed.

Maison Caulières

Directly sourced from the bountiful offerings of the French countryside; Maison Caulières strives to transport you there. Powerful ingredients in their purest form are combined with the luxury touches of French wellness. An exquisite sensorial experience.

Global Sensation of Letting Go

True to the origins of Maison Caulières, this flagship hand treatment is inspired by biodynamic massage and hand reflexology. The treatment begins with a hand scrub and mask followed by a relaxing hand and arm massage to eliminate muscle tension and stimulate hand reflexology points.

60 Mins£ 90

Sparkling & Light Sensation

An invigorating treatment targeted at feet and legs to relieve and suggest a feeling of impulse. Starting with the “Roots Ritual” - a mint and fresh cut grass scented footbath with a short foot massage, followed by a hands-on energising treatment to the whole body. This treatment also combines a stimulating massage on the legs to help revive circulation and enhance the sensation of refreshing energy and lightness.

45 Mins£ 85

Solar Sensation

Inspired by the summer fields, this energising treatment is intended to build energy, warm the body and enhance the mood. The delicious fragrance of broom flower and honey is used to stimulate the body from toe to head. The whole body is exfoliated to stimulate circulation and promote cellular renewal followed by an energetic massage with warm oils to create a sun-like sensation.

90 Mins£ 185

Sensation of Relief & Comfort

This soothing and purifying treatment starts with a foot bath and massage followed by a renewing and detoxifying full body scrub. This unique treatment utilizes a patent hot towel rinse to help cleanse and rejuvenate the body. Experience the balancing and self-renewal effects of this treatment to help you prepare your body to slow down and rest.

60 Mins£ 125

Exquisite Indulgence

Unwind with an indulgent upper body massage focusing on the back, neck, shoulders and arms. Your expert therapist will use rhythmical movement that move deeply into tired muscles. Harmony is achieved by the connection of touch which allows the breath to deepen, and the mind to drift away into a state of inner relaxation.

60 Mins£ 125

Lights of the Seasons

A more playful and holistic body ritual inspired by the cycle of the seasons. A unique experience that starts with a purifying full body scrub, calming head, face and foot massage followed by an invigorating leg treatment and finally a stimulating stomach, upper chest, back and arm massage. An incredible treatment that leaves you feeling complete.

120 Mins£ 240


Meaning wholeness, purity and radiance, Sodashi chemical free body care products work holistically to nourish, balance and rejuvenate the skin.

Salt Serenity

Warm and soothing Sodashi oils are incorporated into this treatment followed by our Himalayan salt and plant essence therapy treatment. Relieving stress and fatigue while gently stimulating the body’s circulation. This treatment is ideal for replenishing the muscles after long periods of travel.

60 Mins£ 120

Refining Body Toner

Refine your skin from head to toe. An exfoliating Sodashi jojoba body polish, followed by a full body mask of mineral rich clay and herbal extracts, including a scalp massage. This rejuvenating therapy firms, tones and conditions the skin reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Suitable during and after pregnancy.

60 Mins£ 120

Contouring Marine Body Wrap

An invigorating exfoliation using fine ground clay, followed by our Sodashi warming body mask. This wrap contains marine extracts, plant essences and algae to stimulate the lymphatic system and to assist with the removal of excess toxins. After your private shower a specialised Sodashi contouring gel and cream is applied leaving your skin feeling toned and radiant.

90 Mins£ 185


Inspired by ancient traditions, our spa therapists use an array of massage therapy techniques to restore balance, harmony and renewal to your life and body.

A Sense of Yourself

This full body massage treatment focuses on rejuvenating your body. Starting with a unique opening ritual, dry oil is applied using a deep pressure and stretching massage technique to relieve tension, enhance circulation and stimulate the metabolism to assist in detoxification. An ideal treatment for those wanting a therapeutic treatment without the standard massage approach.

90 Mins£ 185

Bespoke Massage

A customised massage intended for you, with your preferred style of massage. A guaranteed way to get the exact type of massage you need and prefer. Choose between: Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue & Swedish massage.

45 Mins£ 90+
60 Mins£ 115+
90 Mins£ 170+

Jet Lag

If you are looking to alleviate tension and increase circulation, this powerful massage is the perfect choice after a long flight or extensive travel. An easy way to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

45 Mins£ 90+
60 Mins£ 115
90 Mins£ 170


This massage uses specialised techniques to encourage lymphatic circulation, reduce swelling and alleviate fluid retention. An ideal choice for those who prefer firmer pressure and deep muscle manipulation.

45 Mins£ 90+
60 Mins£ 115
90 Mins£ 170


This deeply relaxing treatment incorporates massage and specialised techniques to stimulate the specific reflexology points on the feet which correspond to specific areas of the body. Targeting certain tension areas, muscles are soothed and blood vessels relaxed allowing for the body to eliminate toxins. This treatment can be used on a regular basis to target specific health conditions or added-on to a variety of our spa offerings.

60 Mins£ 115
sense of beginning


Encouraging and embracing self-awareness and mindfulness in the youngest of budding spa enthusiasts is a wonderful way to spend time with the ones you hold dearest to your heart. The following treatments have been created exclusively for the little ones in your life.

For children 12 years old and above. A parent or guardian must be present for all spa services.

Mother & Daughter Experience

Connect with each other while enjoying a side by side massage and personalised mini facial together. A great way to bond and relieve stress, while getting the chance to relax and unwind together.

90 Mins£ 295

Father & Son Massage

Chill out and plan your next adventure while enjoying a massage together. An incredible bonding experience that offers relaxation, healing and connection.

90 Mins£ 270
Spa - Mothers


Cradle and nurture your own body in the hands of our talented therapists, just as you cradle your unborn child. Our treatments specifically created for expectant mothers offer the opportunity to relax, unwind and melt into the powerful benefits of our exquisite spa experiences.

Pre & Post Natal Massage

Designed to comfort and relax a woman’s body before and after pregnancy, this massage focuses on aching muscles, fluid retention and tired legs and feet.

60 Mins£ 115

Maternal Glow

Skin during pregnancy can sometimes look dull and dehydrated due to the hormonal changes within the body. Tailored to your skin’s needs this facial uses organic and chemical free Sodashi products which will leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalised.

60 Mins£ 120
Gentlemen's massage


The ingredients selected for our gentlemen's treatments are created exclusively for the needs and care of a man's skin. Sodashi products use natural ingredients that are light and easily absorbed, so that daily skincare becomes effortlessly refined.

Mankind Facial

Commencing with a Sodashi Himalayan salt therapy and back massage to ease stress and tension in the mind and body. You will experience a deep cleansing facial experience and exfoliation treatment to balance your skin’s natural oils and assist in preventing in-growing hairs from shaving. Leaving your skin smoother and more relaxed.

60 Mins£ 120

Sports Massage

Using a technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, this massage aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body. Deep tissue manipulation and long fluid massage movements, work on muscle fascia and muscle fibers. This massage help to reduce stiffness in the muscles and joints.

120 Mins£ 250

Face Place

The Hollywood trusted skin care expert for over 40 years specialises in a unique and clinical approach to healthy and rejuvenated skin.

Face Place Signature Treatment

Designed to meet the needs of both men and women, the treatment takes a clinical approach to skin care combining skilled extraction techniques with powerful vitamin c and galvanic current. Your skin will experience improved radiance, firmness, fewer lines and a clearer, lifted complexion.

70 Mins£ 140

Face Place Rosewood Signature Treatment

The complete Face Place Signature Treatment plus relaxing and invigorating scalp and foot massage for the ultimate indulgent touch. Skin will be glowing, body and mind refreshed.

85 Mins£ 170

Face Place Express Treatment

The perfect facial when you are stretched for time. This express treatment delivers the Signature Face Place glow from the vitamin c & zinc key ingredients with less galvanic and extraction time.

40 Mins£ 100

EviDenS de Beauté Anti-Ageing Collagen Facial by Face Place

Face Place has joined forces with premium skincare brand EviDenS de Beauté to design a facial like no other. The enriched Triple Collagen lifts, tones and plumps the skin, whilst the galvanic current pushes the purifying vitamin C and zinc anti-oxidants deeper into the skin. Together they are the perfect alliance for skin radiance, rejuvenation and anti-ageing.

90 Mins£ 250

Add to your Face Place treatment

Advanced Skin Peels

Salicylic or mandelic peel working alongside the Face Place. Signature Treatment to intensively resurface, target acne and blemishes.

15 Mins£ 95

Beginners Skin Peel

A lighter peel, suitable for all skin types, with glycolic and lactic acids giving deep exfoliation with no downtime.

15 Mins£ 50

Signature Facial Massage

Add our lifting, draining and contouring facial massage to your facial treatment to give a sculpted result.

15 Mins£ 50

LED Light Therapy

Anti-aging red light to stimulate collagen production and anti-bacterial blue light to prevent and calm acne.

15 Mins£ 50
Rosewood London

Our Brands

Choose from a range of natural and effective, face and body products from our specialist spa partners.

Maison Caulières

Directly sourced from the bountiful offerings of the French countryside; Maison Caulières strives to transport you there. Powerful ingredients in their purest form are combined with the luxury touches of French wellness. An exquisite sensorial experience.

Face Place

Famously coveted by A-listers and beauty aficionados for over 45 years at their flagship West Hollywood clinic and New York, Face Place specializes in a unique, clinical approach to skin care.


Sodashi products and spa treatments are unparalleled in performance and purity, employing only therapeutic-grade, ethically-sourced oils and plant actives to effectively heal and nurture. Meaning wholeness, purity and radiance, Sodashi remain true to its name, dramatically regenerating the skin to promote inner peace and contentment.


EviDenS de Beauté

Beauty is about scientific efficiency and personal emotions, EviDenS de Beauté created unique voluptuous face care spa rituals combining technical excellence and a celebration of the senses for the ultimate beauty experience. The perfect alliance of Japanese beauty technology and French elegance, EviDenS de Beauté offers an anti-aging skincare range tailored to sensitive skin.


Please be advised that it is good practice to shower before any treatment. Silence, peace and respect are part of our Sense spa philosophy. Please consider other guest’s space and privacy. Please silence any electronic devices you might have before entering the facility.

In order to give you adequate time to complete the wellbeing consultation and relax, we recommend that you arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior to your treatment. Late arrivals will affect the duration of your scheduled appointment.

To schedule or to rebook, contact our Sense spa host who will be happy to assist you in choosing the right treatment. All treatments should preferably be booked in advance to ensure availability. Our Spa concierge will need valid credit card information to confirm any bookings.

If you wish to reschedule or cancel your booking, please be advised that 24 hours are required in order for
us to accommodate your request, or two hours if the appointment is made on the same day. No-show or last minute cancellations will incur a 100% charge.

Bathrobes, slippers and disposables are available at Sense spa for your treatment sessions.

Kindly consult with your physician before taking any treatment or using our facility. If you have any allergies, please make sure to inform our Sense spa team.

Please secure your valuables. Sense spa will not be held responsible for any loss or damage during your visit.

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