The foundation of Wellness

From the Sanskrit, Asaya is a catalyst for self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-transformation. At its heart, it recognises that every person is unique, and the quest for mindfulness, health and happiness follows different paths.

Founded on an integrated and holistic perspective on wellness, Asaya seeks to bring about change working across its five pillars of well-being: emotional balance; physical therapies; skin health; fitness and nutrition; as well as a pioneering global community with access to ongoing support and learning at every step of life’s journey.

Asaya’s innovative approach transcends conventional ideas of spa and well-being to offer best-in-class singular treatments from a variety of traditions, personalized wellness programs  tailored around your needs and goals, and specialized retreats and workshops across a wide range of disciplines that address the fundamentals of health and effect long-lasting change. 

Recognizing the unique nature of the stresses in our lives today, every treatment is customised, while our wellness programs  are created for you alone, without judgment. World-renowned  visiting expert practitioners combine the best traditional and alternative therapies that treat and heal, or inspire and empower you to realise your goals and aspirations and achieve deep, positive change. 


Our wellness retreats combine personal wellness with fitness and nutrition with a focus on mindful eating, healthy sleep, stress relief and more.

Cleanse : Purify and energize your body and mind from the inside out

Balance : Holistic pathways to emotional, physical and spiritual stability and vitality

Body fit : Optimum physical training and education for all fitness levels

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Asaya Wellness Retreats and Workshops

As a leader in holistic wellness, Asaya hosts the world’s leading practitioners across many disciplines . Immerse yourself in a meditative retreat for up to a week and emerge rested, relaxed and refreshed, or challenge yourself in small-group workshops, led by masters in their field, which will equip you with deeper knowledge and new life skills.


Experience a deeper level of well-being with therapies that deliver a mind, body and spiritual experience through energy balancing.

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Asaya offers fitness and lifestyle experiences that help you to further identify with your purpose, intention and hope in wellness.

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The easiest and most convenient way to access the world of Asaya. Our sublime face and body treatments, delivered by highly skilled therapists, can be experienced in a single visit. Choose from traditional massages and facials, or discover the healing benefits of alternative therapies grounded in centuries-old practices. No matter which you choose, each begins with a personal consultation and is customised to your needs.

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Wellbeing journeys


Discover Asaya menu and highlight offerings for men and women. Wellness and the journey of finding your inner balance awaits.


The Asaya Villa is your personal wellness destination, welcoming small groups to participate in wellness rituals & experiences in a social setting.

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T:+66 76 356 885

10:00am to 8:00pm

Asaya is situated adjacent to the hotel arrival area.

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