Originally designed to host opera performances, Teatro Angela Peralta was inaugurated in 1873 and hosts a variety of musical events such as the Jazz Festival and the Chamber Music Festival.


The birthplace of Ignacio Allende, a hero of the Mexican independence movement, San Miguel de Allende is a special place to be on September 16, Mexican Independence Day. Festivities commence the night before in Jardin Principal, when the mayor rereads the proclamation or “shout” of independence known as El Grito.


Boutiques, galleries and markets in San Miguel de Allende are a treasure trove of art and handicrafts. From jewelry and textiles to glassware and pottery the quality and variety of handcrafted items is impressive.


San Miguel de Allende’s Easter traditions date back centuries. The weeks leading up to Holy Week (Semana Santa) are filled with processions and events. Special masses, fireworks, indigenous dance performances and processions continue in the historic center through Holy Week.


New Year’s Eve in San Miguel de Allende is a thrilling spectacle. In Jardín Principal, San Miguel’s lively main square, in front of La Parróquia, local families and visitors alike congregate through the evening. Music fills the air as the excitement builds, until midnight when the sky is lit up with sparklers, firecrackers and fireworks.

Día de Muertos

The Day of the Dead, “Día de Muertos,” is celebrated throughout Mexico and is especially colorful in San Miguel de Allende. Starting November 1, multicolored offerings are placed around town using bright orange and fuchsia marigolds, food, calacas, candles and catrinas.


A pale pink and pastel orange church with two distinctive tall towers, La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel is the icon of San Miguel de Allende. Built in the 17th century with a traditional Mexican baroque facade. The ornate neo-Gothic facade was added in 1880, inspired by postcards of European cathedrals.


Following a tradition first introduced by the Spanish in the 16th century, - like every town in Mexico large or small - San Miguel de Allende has a central garden. Known as Jardin Principal, this is where friends meet and to learn what's going on in town.

Surrounded by natural beauty and history, Rosewood San Miguel de Allende is ideally placed for experiencing this fascinating colonial town. Guests are invited to explore local vibrant fiestas or the town’s colorful streets lined with churches, gardens and galleries at their own pace. From the artful craftsmanship at galleries such as Fábrica La Aurora, to horseback riding along the impressive Toltec ruins, Rosewood San Miguel de Allende is located in close proximity to the destination's top points of interest and attractions.


Artisan Market

In this handicrafts market, some of the techniques and the materials that the artisans of the region utilize can be observed and bought, including brass, wool, carved quarry stone and mesquite wood, papier maché, blown glass, jewelry and pottery, carved stones and antiques. There is an immense number of stands at every turn that offer beautiful crafts, sure to delight all visitors.

Mercado de San Juan de Dios

Located about six blocks from the Jardín, this mercado is the newest of the covered markets. Built in 1992, it is frequented mainly by the Mexican population and it is very colorful. Most of the stands sell fruits and vegetables but some fantastic authentic local food can be found here too.

Fábrica La Aurora Art Design and Center

A textile factory for over 90 years, today this century-old building has been reborn as an art and design center. Maintaining its original façade and structure, large open areas once filled with spindles and looms for making thread and weaving cloth have been transformed into outstanding art studios and galleries, antique showrooms, and interior design and specialty shops in San Miguel de Allende.