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San Miguel offers a strong heritage on traditional treatments influenced by the Otomi natives, the indigenous culture who had maintained their knowledge of astrophysical connection & herbal healing for centuries.

Sense®, a Rosewood Spa rediscovers the ancestral curative rituals worshiping and celebrating the region’s roots to deliver a unique and authentic Sense of Place® experience.

CURES FROM METZLI | Alleviate physical pain, mental stress and body ailments

The Otomi natives long revered “Metzli ” (the Moon) as their first Deity & mother of their ancestors. They believed there is an undeniable link between the moon’s cycles and their people’s individual levels of energy. This was vital in their ability to discover herbal remedies to optimize their health in accordance to the movement of the Moon.

Our Cures from Metzli, is an experience that unveils ancient herbal remedies highlighting the roots and plants that are applied through different types of healing massage. Discover the importance of each of them and how they work to alleviate the symptoms caused by the present Moon phase. This Lost Remedy will alleviate physical pain, mental stress and body ailments by reviving herbal generational recipes long revered for their healing and energy aligning properties.

75/90 min

60 Mins
90 Mins

ANCESTRAL REBOZO RELIEF | head to toe relaxation

In the past, women of our culture used their original “Rebozo” - a hand-woven Mexican shawl - to perform a massage technique to help ease aches and pains in the back and to encourage proper
alignment. The rebozo today is used to provide full body relaxation treatment unlike anything you can experience in the world. This indigenous shawl is vital in assisting the body to release tension
in the head and neck by containing the head in its soft fabric and softly lifting and rolling to help gently relieve stress. The head is wrapped up turban style, to calm thoughts and ease tension.

Lay back and relax while another rebozo is used as a hammock to rock, roll and stretch out tired limbs. Experience the gentle release of hip and lower back tension. This ancestral remedy is created to relieve both physical and mental stress.

90 min

90 Mins
120 Mins


Experience first-hand the luxurious and enriching combination of treatments that have been carefully designed to blend the many vibrant energies of our culture and the profound impact they will have on you while you are here. A true sense of San Miguel.

SENSE SIGNATURE RETREAT | an invigorating sensation from head to toe

A personalized spa day created just for you! Our San Miguel signature massage will help you to release deep muscle tension by increasing circulation, offering you an invigorating sensation from head to toe. Indulge in a spa inspired lunch, followed by our Sense® signature facial which helps to firm, clarify, hydrate and protect your skin. This sublime retreat concludes with a little pampering to your hands and feet with a manicure and pedicure.

5 hours in spa

240 Mins

PASSING THROUGH THE YEAR | A true journey of connection

Reconnect with each other and yourself during this renewing journey for two. Embark upon a true journey of connection while enjoying a full body treatment inspired by the seasonal climates and its ingredients in San Miguel de Allende. Refresh and relieve tired skin with our luxurious 360° Antiaging facial, including international rituals to highlight your skin’s true potential. Unwind and reconnect with some time together while enjoying the many flavors of San Miguel in our spa inspired meal options. Rediscover a little alone time together .

3 hrs.

300 Mins

ALLENDE'S NATURE EXPERIENCE | Ultimate balance and peace of mind

The usual rush of your daily routine reconfirms why you deserve this combination of holistic services. Remove stagnant energy and pamper your skin, with a tailored massage using a customized herbal compress. Choose your desired herbs from those grown in our orchard, utilizing your body’s powerful natural selection capabilities. Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with this extraordinary facial that integrates regional ingredients to replenish your skin with its natural brightness. Rediscover that mind and body connection along with your alignment with nature, during a sunrise or sunset Yoga session to achieve ultimate balance and peace of mind.

2 hrs.

270 Mins


Start your skin care treatment through a private consultation with our experts to ensure the best treatment options for your skin type. Our skin care rituals include exclusive aromatherapy, antioxidant and mineral blends, as well as an exclusive selection of products from luxury brands from around the world. Here we don’t just pamper the skin, we treat it to ensure optimal results.

Global Anti-Aging | a ritualistic eight-step process to skin recovery

An exclusive skin care ritual stars EviDenS de Beauté, a premium Global Anti-Aging skin care brand. Developed to maximize the skins beauty and smooth the signs of aging by acting on the most
sensitive areas of the face. This treatment has been developed for mature, dehydrated, tired and dull skin needing an extreme solution to fight the signs of aging. Including a ritualistic eight-step
process to skin recovery. This treatment includes everything from a specialized Bio-collagen treatment mask, back and scalp massage and a comprehensive and intoxicating treatment experience, unparalleled.

90 min.

90 Mins
120 Mins

SENSE SIGNATURE FACIAL | a true journey of connection

A Natura Bissé facial known as the Botox alternative, offers spectacular results at a cellular level, with the highest rejuvenation possible. This powerful facial is unlike any other you will ever experience. Sculpt your skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin with our heat effect gel that activates your skins microcirculation and gentle penetration of nutrients. Feel the immediate effects
of firmer and smoother skin with the application of our triple collagen and aminoacid skin supplement by Natura Bisse. Hydrate, smooth and reduce wrinkles with our revitalizing pineapple extract
and green tea mask and active face contouring massage technique. An unparalleled experience, signature to us.


90 min.

90 Mins
120 Mins

ADVANCE REPAIR | encourages cellular renewal

A facial that offers you rich hydration and replenishing nutrients for your skin. Our Advanced Repair Natura Bisse facial includes a gentle but effective exfoliation experience that encourages cellular
renewal by removing dead skin cells and surface impurities. This treatment is most ideal if you need to improve moisture absorption and improve the quality of nutrients being delivered to your skin.
Experience renewed elasticity and rich hydration, leaving your skin luminous and glowing.

60 min.

90 Mins
120 Mins

FRESH & TONE SAN MIGUEL FACIAL | extreme results for days to come

Firming action and healthy-looking skin is what this Evidens de Beaute treatment promises. A customized ritual that will offer extreme results for days to come. A perfect selection if you want a
refreshing look to your skin or befor e an evening out .

60 min.

90 Mins


Indulge your entire body with any of our treatments that specifically enhance your full body potential. Utilizing the local and international product offerings and allnatural ingredients wherever possible our treatments will help purify, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Experience radiance from head to toe.

A TIME TO DREAM | gently kissed by the sun

Inspired by the warmth of the sun, this energizing treatment is intended to build up energy, warm the body and enhance the mood. Maison Caulieres includes a delicious fragrance of broom flower and honey, a gourmet sugar scrub exfoliates your entire body to promote circulation and cellular renewal from head to toe.
A warm dry oil, softens the skin and an energetic massage to legs, back and arms stimulates the body, for a warming and invigorating

90 min.

60 Mins
90 Mins

LIGHTS OF THE SEASON | a poetic journey throughout the seasons

Maison Caulieres incorporates the powerful energy of different ingredients sourced at different times throughout the year, this treatment offers a poetic journey throughout the seasons. A holistic care ritual to purify, calm and stimulate the body displaying different techniques and combining a purifying full body scrub with a choreographed massage. This experience will provide surprising sensations throughout, leaving you indulged and delighted until the very end.

90 min.

60 Mins
90 Mins

SAN MIGUEL SIGNATURE MOLE SCRUB | a true sense of place

An exfoliating body scrub with our exclusive mole and cocoa to help remove dead skin cells and improve circulation. Experience an invigorating deep tissue massage and body ritual inspired by San
Miguel’s culinary culture. A true Sense of Place, a true Sense of You.

90 min.

60 Mins
90 Mins

DE ALLENDE LAVENDER | replenish your body ’s natural energy flow

Breathe deeply and enjoy the soothing and balancing benefits of wild lavender of the San Miguel region. Enjoy a full body scrub for all skin types and our relaxing De Allende Massage. Experience
our most relaxing massage treatment with the powerful benefits of Lavender and help to replenish your body’s natural energy flow. A truly balancing and gr ounding body ritual.

90 min.

90 Mins

BACK TO YOUR ROOTS | a balancing feeling of self -renewal.

A soothing and purifying treatment by Maison Caulieres, starting with our roots Ritual – a milky foot bath with rose petals and a brief foot massage. Relinquish negative energy and pamper your soles.
Experience a renewing and detoxifying full body scrub, perfumed with fig, bergamot and rose and then gently rinsed with hot towels.
You will emerge with silky skin offering a balancing feeling of selfrenewal. Rely upon your inner essentials to help prepare your body and mind to slow down and rest. A great way to reconnect with yourself .

60 min.

90 Mins
sense of beginning


Our rituals are inspired by Mexican healing traditions that emphasize the mind-body-spirit connection. Relieve deep muscle tension and pamper your soul with these intoxicating treatments. An ideal way to encourage you back to your true sense of self .

SAN MIGUEL SIGNATURE MASSAGE|| energy in perfect balance

Inspired by ancient healing traditions from every corner of the world, we create the perfect synergy of techniques: therapeutic, relaxing, holistic and ayurvedic energy. Ideal to relieve muscle pain and tension… in combination with Thai stretching movements, we will eliminate energy blockages, resulting in a body with renewed energy and in perfect balance.

90 min.


Arnica, naturally grown throughout San Miguel is the mainstay ingredient in our custom herbal mix prepared by your therapist and applied to the reflexology points of your feet. Your body’s natural absorption of these ingredients will provide a natural release of excess toxins and tension. The combination of lymphatic and Swedish massage techniques will help you to unwind and relax. A treatment optimal for those suffering from excessive stress or full-body tension.

90 min.

DEEP STONE MASSAGE | release stress and any energy blockages

This full body massage will work deep into your muscles with the warmth of the stones and their strategic placement on your body in combination with gentle massage movements across your body. A
warm oil is applied to your skin to help the therapist to realize the perfect synchronized massage with adjustable pressure to help you release stress and any energy blockages. A relaxing massage experience using the healing energy of nature’s stones.

90 min.


A perfectly synchronized massage experience utilizing a technique that offers you total relaxation stimulated by your nervous system. Our natural application of essential oils, will encourage your body´s natural healing reaction, eliminating stress, improving sleep and improving your overall balance. A harmony of yourself in the most perfect sense.

60 / 90 min.

COUPLE´S CONNECTION MASSAGE | an ideal state of relaxation

Enjoy an atmosphere of love and peace, beside the one you love. Enjoy individual customized massages that will reconnect you to yourself and to each other. Experience our customized body oil that will rebalance your energy, emotions and perspective, guiding you to an ideal state of relaxation alongside your perfect partner.

90 min.

sense of beginning


Encouraging and embracing self-awareness and mindfulness in the youngest of budding spa enthusiasts is a wonderful way to spend time with the ones you hold dearest to your heart. The following treatments have been created exclusively for the little ones in your life.

LITTLE SPARKLES| 6 - 12 years

A miniature manicure and pedicure to help moisturize, protect and perfectly polish hands and feet. A little treat for little hands and feet.

60 min.

BLOSSOM | 9 - 15 years

A deep-cleansing and perfecting facial that addresses young, evolving skin. A great opportunity to learn about treating skin and preventing blemishes, as well as the importance of proper skin care.

60 min.

SWEET SURRENDER | | 6 -12 years

A delightful experience begins with a sweet creamy bath followed by a petite massage with a hydrating fruity cream. The perfect experience after a fun day in Rosewood Explorers Club.

60 min.


The ingredients in our gentlemen’s treatments were selected exclusively for the needs and care of a man’s skin. Our exclusive male products use natural ingredients that are easily absorbed, ensuring his daily skincare routine becomes effortlessly refined.

GENTELMAN´S FACIAL | enjoy a relaxing shoulder and scalp massage

This experience is tailored to men’s specific needs. Including active and fresh skincare ingredients that will effectively clean and offer male skin a youthful appearance. While your skin is absorbing all of
these wonderful benefits, enjoy a relaxing shoulder and scalp massage. A perfect treatment combination.

60 min.

25 Mins
50 Mins

INVIGORATING MASSAGE | alleviating areas of stress through acupressure

Designed for a high performance daily routine, this massage will work deep in the muscle tissue to remove tension and to recover lost energy. Focused on alleviating areas of stress through acupressure and specific stretching movements this massage will help to improve flexibility and boost vitality.

60 min.

50 minutes *Stay a while longer... Guests can add a massage of drizzled lavender honey, stone reflexology and enjoy a tea, coffee, smoothie or fresh-squeezed juice with tasty spa treats.

50 Mins
80 Mins


Arrivals | Treatments are carefully planned to accommodate each and every client. In a spirit of mutual respect, we encourage you to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment to enjoy the facilities. Late arrivals will be finished within the scheduled treatment time while the fee will remain unchanged.


spa amenities | On arrival, you will be supplied with a bathrobe, sandals and a locker for your personal belongings. Towels are offered throughout the spa and disposable underwear are available for all body treatments. Facilities include separate men’s and women’s locker rooms with relaxation areas and vanities stocked with toiletries.


etiquette | Our spa environment is one of tranquility and relaxation. In consideration of other guests, we ask that you speak in a quiet voice and turn off mobile phones. If using headphones, please make sure the volume level is not audible to other guests. The spa is a non-smoking area.


special requests | Feel free to request your preference for a specific technician or a male or female therapist for your treatments. We strive to fulfill your wishes based upon availability. If you need assistance with anything during your spa experience, such as an adjustment to lighting, sound, temperature, pressure or technique of your spa service, please let your technician know.


health | Please refrain from shaving before all body treatments and before the men’s facials. To maximize the benefits of your spa experience, please inform us of any health issues, allergies or injuries that may make the treatment you have chosen unsuitable, so that we may advise safer alternatives.


pregnancy | We have specially designed treatments for expectant mothers. Allow us to assist you in selecting suitable treatments for this special time. We advise you to consult with your physician prior to booking.


children | Spa and fitness areas are reserved for guests 16 years or older. Children are allowed in the spa by appointment only and must be accompanied by an adult during their visit.


cancellations | Must be received at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time to avoid a full service charge. If you are traveling by air, we suggest you schedule appointments at least six hours after you are scheduled to arrive in case of flight delays.ble for any loss or damage to personal items and valuables during your visit. Please refrain from wearing jewelry or valuables to the spa.


conference, corporate & group packages | The spa offers a variety of treatments, packages and group discounts. Please contact the spa for information.


terms and conditions.


appointments | We recommend scheduling in advance to ensure preferred appointment times. Credit card and contact details are required at the time of reservation.



Give your hands and feet the final touches they deserve. Our treatments for your hands and feet include nail shaping , cuticle removal and polish application.

HANDS AT THE ORIGIN | stimulating the hands ’ natural reflexology points

This special San Miguel hand reflexology treatment, utilizes a creamy hand scrub, comforting moisturizing mask and a relaxing hand and arm massage. An extraordinary treatment, helping to eliminate
muscle tension by stimulating the hands’ natural reflexology points. A complete nail treatment accompanies this one-of a kind manicure.

60 min.

25 Mins
50 Mins

Cobblestone Pedicure

A complete sensory experience. This retreat for the feet begins with a melt-away sugar scrub and organic hydrating mask to refine the skin and smooth rough areas, followed by a warm stone massage, expert grooming and perfect lacquer. 50 minutes

Stay a while longer... Guests can add a massage of drizzled lavender honey, stone reflexology and enjoy a tea, coffee, smoothie or fresh-squeezed juice with tasty spa treatments. 80 minutes

50 minutes *Stay a while longer... Guests can add a massage of drizzled lavender honey, stone reflexology and enjoy a tea, coffee, smoothie or fresh-squeezed juice with tasty spa treats.

50 Mins
80 Mins

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