Rosewood Sand Hill offers a special welcome for your four-legged best friend. Dogs will be pampered with a fluffy dog bed along with custom amenities such as food and water dishes, a toy, bottled water and dog treats.

For USD 150 per pet per stay, dogs and their human companions can enjoy their getaway together.

The hotel offers the following rules for guests and their animal family members so that all guests enjoy a relaxing and memorable stay:

  • Parents should always keep their pets on a leash.
  • Parents should pick up any "deposits" left by their pets.
  • No pet swimming or pet bathing allowed in the pool or hot tub. According to health codes, pets are not allowed in these areas.
  • Be kind to the pet next door; please no barking.
  • Outside dining is available at Madera's bar terrace.


For inquiries or reservations:
Please call +1 650 561 1525