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Sense Journeys combine exquisite selections from the spa's menu of services. These carefully selected journeys are designed to unite the spa experience with the surrounding natural environment.

Cordevalle Dream

Experience the best that Sense Spa at CordeValle has to offer with this unique selection of treatments. Your journey starts with a Valley Stone Massage to release muscle tension and soothe your body’s aches and pains. Indulge with The Ultimate Facial with products by Eminence Organics. Our estheticians will customize your facial by choosing products specifically suited for your skin type. Emerge rested and ready for your next adventure.

180 MinsUSD 510

Rosewood Escape

Begin with a “Time for a Dream” body treatment from Maison Caulierés. Warming and fragrant products will relieve mental stress while your skin is refreshed and your muscles relaxed. Experience the EviDenS de Beauté “Rosewood Signature 360 Global Anti-Aging Ritual”, including an exclusive regenerating complex, QaI®. This high-end treatment will brighten, oxygenate, and invigorate the look of your skin while increasing its firmness and youthful glow. Unwind in quiet reflection with a glass of prosecco in our tranquility room. This is the perfect way to prepare for an evening out or a private dinner in your Bungalow.

180 MinsUSD 600

Cordevalle Journey

Designed for the ultimate in relaxation, guests will experience a SENSE of place. Step out into CordeValle with an invigorating fresh air hike through the hills, take in the views and surrounding sounds of nature for a brief respite from daily life. Replenish with a light lunch. After lunch, guests will be rewarded with a two hour Head to Toe full body massage with scalp and foot treatment, and a customized facial to complete the personal journey.

Approximately 6 hour commitment: 3 hours of treatments, plus a hike and lunch

180 MinsUSD 645

Rosewood World Journey

The Rosewood Signature treatments are combined for you in a fabulous world class experience. The Maison Caulierés “Like a Fertile Land” massage is 90 minutes of pure bliss. The wonderful scents and textures of the French countryside will surround you in this deep tissue inspired treatment. Continue your global adventure as we invite you to visit the city of lights with a quick side trip to the land of the rising sun. The Rosewood Signature 360⁰ Global Anti-Aging Ritual from EviDenS de Beauté will whisk you away to the urban delights of Paris while offering the benefits of Japanese technology and culture. Inspired by the ancestral Japanese tea ceremony, the rituals of this treatment relax and soothe away any stresses while plumping and firming your skin. The Rosewood World Journey is truly a unique and decadent series of globally inspired treatments.” 

180 MinsUSD 600
Sense Massages


No matter which of our globally inspired massages you choose, our therapists will begin by listening and asking questions about what you want to achieve during your treatment. We strive to deliver thoughtful, individualized treatments based on what you need. Your therapist will use an array of massage techniques to help restore your physical and mental balance.


Guests will enjoy the powerful health-enhancing and relaxing benefits of aromatherapy oil blends. Incorporating soothing swedish style massage techniques and healing essential oil blends that integrate the very essence of plants into a massage that is sure to delight all the senses. 

90 MinsUSD 240


Based on the healing touch of Swedish style massage, our relaxation treatment is designed to help you let go of stress and tension. We begin with applying delicate heat to relax your muscles complimented by a calming essential oil blend and focused breathing. Experience a profound sensory relaxation experience that goes beyond a standard massage. You may choose to experience this massage in our spa, or in your resort room (additional fee). It is also available as a Couples Treatment.

90 MinsUSD 240

Headache Relief

Experience remedies used to relieve headaches and sinus pressure for centuries during this Lost Remedy treatment. You will choose from a selection of specially blended aromatherapy oils, using your body’s natural selection process to guide you in the direction of what you need. Our aromatherapy oil blends incorporate many indigenous herbs of the area to target the type of headache you are experiencing. Your personal oil selection will be gently massaged onto your temples and specific acupressure points to mitigate pain and pressure. Experience the powerful benefits of cold marble stones as they are incorporated into your head massage to help drain excess fluids and reduce inflammation and excess pressure. This treatment focuses on your head, neck, and feet for ultimate relief and relaxation.

90 MinsUSD 240


Our signature massage is a full body treatment inspired by healing, deep tissue massage that focuses on tension relief and methodical stretching. Increase circulation and stimulate the metabolism for ultimate detoxification. Embark upon a fascinating experience with Maison Cauliéres opening ritual, using ingredients originating in the French countryside. This extraordinary treatment warms up your muscles from head to toe, gently preparing your body for a deeper pressure massage and gentle stretching. The Maison Caulières signature closing ritual with Envolée Légère misted onto the hands and feet offers closure & healing to your experience.

90 MinsUSD 250


Magnesium is responsible for promoting healthy energy levels, sleep, muscle function, and overall well being. This nourishing treatment promotes detoxification and circulation while replenishing commonly deficient magnesium levels. We will send you home with a Mineral Wellness soak packet for at home benefits.

60 MinsUSD 175


Soothe away all the aches and pains of pregnancy with the Mommy To Be Massage. Pregnancy safe oils are used and pressure is adjusted to the guests needs. Guests will be positioned on their side for comfort and to alleviate pressure. Massage may be done in the second and third trimester of pregnancy only. Always check with a doctor before scheduling.

90 MinsUSD 240


Based on the healing touch of Swedish style massage, our relaxation treatment is designed to help you let go of stress and tension. We begin with applying delicate heat to relax your muscles complimented by the powerful benefits of our 21 Drops Sleep essential oil blend. Utilizing a combination of guided meditation and solitude, your body will immediately benefit from this relaxation massage. Experience a profound sensory relaxation experience that goes beyond a standard massage.

90 MinsUSD 235


This treatment is a great choice for overall relaxation of body and mind and a deeply euphoric massage experience. The therapist massages with smooth, warmed basalt stones combined with nourishing oils to penetrate muscles and help release tension. Cool stones may be utilized to relieve inflammation if needed.

90 MinsUSD 240


Based on the Swedish style massage to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. The spa therapist customizes a massage to treat ailments, using gentle to firm pressure to meet the guest's individual needs. A nurturing touch is at the heart of this massage. Recommended whenever one needs to pause and leave the outside world behind.

90 MinsUSD 235 (per person)


Great for weekend warriors and seasoned athletes alike! This massage is designed to address the specific muscular aches and pains that are commonly found with overuse, as well as postural and mental stresses. Therapists adapt their techniques and utilize specialized ointments to provide relief from chronic tension and to ease the body into relaxation.

90 MinsUSD 240 (per person)


A traditional swedish style massage to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. The spa therapist customizes a massage to treat ailments, using gentle to firm pressure to meet the guest's individual needs. A nurturing touch is at the heart of this massage. Recommended whenever one needs to pause and leave the outside world behind.

90 MinsUSD 260

Enhance your spa experience by adding a Massage Pairing. Add some time and choose from a gentle dry brushing, a decadent foot scrub, a moisturizing paraffin hand treatment, or a relaxing scalp massage (with or without oil). Or within your scheduled treatment time add a few relaxing hot stones or deeper pressure using the Golf Ball Massage Tool.



Rooted in the principles of age-old traditional spa therapies, the spa’s body sense treatments blend exfoliation and masks with bodywork for a healing experience.


Let us come to you. Relax in the comfort of your resort room and experience this unique treatment for two.  We will bring luxurious Maison Cauliéres products to indulge your senses. Begin with 30 minutes of exfoliation and a quick rinse in your shower. Next comes 90 minutes of relaxing and luxurious massage. We will leave you with a delectable tray of seasonally inspired treats accompanied by sparkling wine to enjoy in the fragrant bath we will draw for you as we put out the privacy sign and leave.

120 MinsUSD 365 Per Person


In this invigorating treatment ginger’s healing and warming properties are explored. This nourishing head to toe experience features a full body scrub with a Turkish Body Scrub and Ginger Oil followed by a massage, we even throw in some hot stone massage on your back. Feet are focused on with a cooling foot massage. Great when you are a little sore from an active schedule!

90 MinsUSD 250

Lavender Dreams

Lavender is known for its calming, healing properties and is one of the most popular herbs in aromatherapy for good reason. Although sea lavender is native to this area, most varieties were brought here from different places and have flourished in the sun alongside the wine grapes. A quick walk along our drive will show you how much lavender loves this area! For your smoothing scrub, lavender oil and other healing oils are mixed with salts to provide a thorough exfoliation. Next is a massage with lavender oils. We end your Lavender Dream by gently wrapping you for warmth while we perform a scalp treatment and a cooling foot massage. This treatment allows us to balance and calm your energy, smooth and soothe your skin, and leave you with shining hair and refreshed feet!

90 MinsUSD 250


As the seasons change we select luxurious products to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Following your full body scrub inspired by the season, you will receive a relaxing massage with a coordinated massage treatment. Greet each turn of the season refreshed and renewed with our Seasonal Organic Scrub.

Add a 15 minute seasonal body wrap to your treatment to enhance the benefits of these seasonal products and give you extra time to relax. 40 USD

90 MinsUSD 250


Inspired by the summer fields, this energizing treatment is intended to invigorate, warm the body and enhance the mood. Maison Cauliéres products blend the delicious fragrance of broom flower and honey with a gourmet sugar scrub to exfoliate the entire body, promote circulation, and improve cellular renewal. The gentle application of a warm dry-oil softens the skin for an energizing massage on the legs, back and arms stimulating and warming the body from head to toe. This summer themed treatment leaves you feeling kissed by the sun. 

90 MinsUSD 250
Essential Skincare


Healthy skin is vital for our well-being. We feed it with the water we drink, the food we eat and the very air around us. Our Estheticians will help you achieve your skin care goals from the outside in. High quality, luxurious ingredients and massage will help your skin to increase blood flow and circulation. Leave feeling balanced, glowing and ready for the world.


Rosewood's Signature 8 step facial ritual for skin recovery using our exclusive EviDenS de Beauté product line. Beginning with a back treatment, this unique facial experience is comprehensive and invigorating. Designed for sensitive, mature, dehydrated skin it will help restore tired looking skin and fight the signs of aging.

90 MinsUSD 325


This six-step “glow activator intensive program” from EviDenS de Beauté is designed to restore your original radiance. Created for skin with increased pigmentation concerns and dark spots. Your skin will feel nourished, renewed and protected. Return your skin to its youthful and balanced appearance. We recommend to begin with 4 weekly sessions for a spectacular and long-lasting brightening effect on the skin.

90 MinsUSD 300


This facial is something special from EviDenS de Beauté. The Special Mask has an amazing “icy wake-up” effect for in-depth firming action & immediate healthy-looking skin. This is the ideal treatment for dull and tired skin needing a kick start to rejuvenation. Try it before an evening out or in the morning to start a busy day.

90 MinsUSD 300


Our Estheticians will customize your facial using organic skin care products. The perfect combination of ingredients and the gentle hands of our estheticians will leave you relaxed and your skin glowing.

The Organic Care Facial can be modified for Prenatal guests in the second or third trimester (always check with your doctor before scheduling.)

90 MinsUSD 240


Take your Organic Care facial up a notch. This facial allows our estheticians to give your skin the lift you want. Incorporating effective products and micro-current technology, your skin will feel lifted, tightened and renewed. Leave feeling refreshed and rested, ready for your next adventure!

90 MinsUSD 270

Wine & Roses Facial

As you travel to the CordeValle property you are surrounded by the lush vineyards of the Clos La Chance winery as well as dozens of other boutique wineries in the immediate area.  Wine is an important part of who we are at CordeValle. The complexity of the wine offerings in our region and the flourishing rose gardens on our property are the foundation of this offering. The decadence of pairing wine and roses elevates your traditional healing experience and awakens your senses in a way you never imagined.  Our Wine and Roses facial will help to soothe skin irritation by reducing inflammation and leave your skin looking smoother, softer, and firmer. The powerful antioxidant benefits of grape and the luxurious hydration benefits found in rose water, work together to polish, plump and rejuvenate your skin to perfection. Luxury and healing are delicately intertwined in this special experience.

90 MinsUSD 240

Enhance the benefits of your facial by adding a Facial Pairing. Add some time and choose from extra extractions, a decadent foot scrub, a moisturizing paraffin hand treatment, an extra 30 minutes for neck and shoulder massage, or a relaxing scalp massage (with or without oil). Or within your scheduled treatment time add a luxurious collagen sheet mask, a cool facial massage, or a smoothing eye treatment.



Spa treatments help foster health and well-being. These offerings are the perfect introduction for your budding spa enthusiast! Since a parent or guardian must be present in the treatment room for all spa services, this is the perfect opportunity for a parent-child visit to the spa.


A deep-cleansing and perfecting facial that addresses young, evolving skin as well as a great opportunity to learn about treating and preventing blemishes. 

30 MinsUSD 95


Choose from a relaxing scalp and/or foot massage. 

30  MinsUSD 95


Young athletes need muscle tension relief too! A massage to target overworked muscles is sure to keep kids in the game. 

30 MinsUSD 95


Guests can keep their wellness routine alive while away from home or breathe new life into a current program.  


Sense® offers personal, one-on-one training by appointment – sessions can be focused on individual guest needs whether it be improving a golf swing or tennis game, improving body composition or addressing health care concerns.

(Per hour - One-on-One) starting at USD150.


Yoga is offered privately either for an individual or a group starting at USD150 per hour for one-on-one sessions.

Please inquire for further information and availability. USD20 per Additional Attendee. 


Explore CordeValle’s beautiful scenery by taking a hike on our hiking trail.

Guided hikes available starting at USD150 per hour for up to six people. USD20 per Additional Attendee.


Fitness Professional, Angel Cabrera consults with clients at CordeValle in San Martin, California.

Awareness of how the body works is one of the main keys in restoring good health, optimal movement and eliminating pain. With his comprehensive evaluation system, he is able to address most root causes of pain and physical limitations that may lead to reduced performance. His health and exercise programs are based on a thorough multidisciplinary evaluation that consists of:

  • Health History
  • Posture Analysis
  • Length Tension Tests
  • Core Function/Stability Tests
  • Range of Motion Tests
  • Gait and Movement Analysis
  • Holistic Lifestyle Questionnaires

Following the evaluation, Angel will design an individualized program that is appropriate for your body and your goals. He uses specific exercises and manual therapy to address muscle imbalances, structural misalignments, and altered movement patterns. By eliminating imbalances in the body we can greatly reduce the amount of bodily stress and discomfort. And by incorporating specific exercises ideal for you, we reintroduce proper function to your body, which in turn restores structure and optimal performance.

One-on-One coaching starts at USD300 per hour, per person. Please inquire for availability.


In your next consultation, Angel will present and walk you through your individualized exercise program. Follow up evaluations are scheduled 4-8 weeks after the initial evaluation to monitor progress and implement a new program with progressions. 

30 MinsUSD 75
60 MinsUSD 150


To make the most of the spa experience, guests are requested to follow etiquette and review the spa’s policies. 


Silence, peace & respect are part of our Sense Spa philosophy. Please consider other guest’s space & privacy. Please silence any electronic devices you might have before entering the facility. We highly recommend showering before any treatment, to ensure you are maximizing your treatment benefits.


In order to experience and prepare for your treatment with enough time to enjoy our amenities, we recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your treatment.


We are a private facility and require membership or resort reservations to schedule spa bookings.

Treatments should be booked in advance to ensure availability. We must have a minimum of 24 hour notice to reschedule or cancel your booking. Changes made within the 24 hour window prior to the scheduled appointment time may incur a charge. No-show or last minute cancellations will be charged for the full treatment.


Bathrobes, slippers, and disposables are available at Sense Spa for your treatment sessions.


Kindly consult with your physician before receiving any treatment or using our facility. If you have any allergies, please make sure to inform our Sense spa team before your treatment.


Please secure your valuables. Sense Spa will not be held responsible for any loss or damage during your visit.


Children under 18 are welcome at the spa and fitness center but must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian at all times.

Please call to confirm current hours of operation.

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