What is it?

Designed for those who are looking to align and organise relationships; the relationship with self, family, work, community and environment. The Asaya Balance Program assists you to understand how you relate to and how you structure the relationships that shape your reality using guided applications needed to thrive toward your personal goals.

Who is it for?

- Perfect for individuals who feel they "don't have time" for anything or anyone

- People who want to find peace and alignment in how they engage with their external environment

- Those who want to have more meaningful interactions with others

- Individuals who need assistance to prioritize

What are the benefits?

- A deeper understanding of what serves you

- Learning to be compassionate with yourself to be more present in daily life

- Prioritizing for yourself and your goals without guilt

  • 4 Nights / 3 days Program
4 Nights / 3 days Program
  • Four Nights/3 days program
  • One x Wellness Consultation - 30 minutes
  • Three x Private yoga or meditation classes - 60 minutes
  • One x Life Force Healing Therapy – 60 minutes 
  • One x Classic Thai Massage – 60 Minutes
  • Daily wake up with Asaya Wellness classes and activities
  • Aromatherapy Bath & Himalayan Salt Sauna sessions – 60 minutes 
  • One x Post Program Consultation - 30 minute

Asaya Details

Asaya is situated adjacent to the hotel arrival area.

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