Sense, A Rosewood Spa, A Celebration of Thailand's Lost Remedies

November 26, 2019

As visitors arrive at Rosewood Bangkok, on Ploenchit Road in Bangkok’s prime central business and retail district, they not only step into an ultra-luxurious property, but one steeped in Thailand’s rich heritage and customs, in keeping with the A Sense of Placeâ philosophy of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts®. Thai tradition envelops the entrance to the two high-rise structures, whose form – reminiscent of two hands pressed together -- is inspired by the graceful wai gesture of greeting.  A holistic sense of peace is created from the moment of arrival. 

Guests will have selected their favorite from a choice of 159 guestrooms which include a sky pool studio with large terrace and private plunge pool, or one of the three houses with large outdoor terrace and plunge pool, set privately amongst the Deluxe, Executive, Premier and Grand Studios and Suites. After perusing the menus of the hotel’s four restaurants and bars, their senses will be excited at the thought of what will be on offer throughout their stay. From this indulgent vantage point, guests are tantalized in anticipation of an exquisite spa experience.  

Sense, A Rosewood Spa is a sanctuary providing peace and tranquility in its healing offerings. It offers guests the chance to rest and reenergize within the dedicated haven, offering space to disconnect from the outside world and focus on personal wellness. 

Guests unwind in one of the three individual rooms or two double rooms where state-of-the-art, results-oriented treatments are a focus within a spa menu filled with restorative therapies honoring Thailand’s Lost Remedies. The infusion of herbal healing in Sense treatments stems from a culture as far back as the first to 13th centuries -- a time before the Sukothai, Lanna and Ayutthaya Kingdoms, the predecessors of the Thailand we know today.

As guests are taken on a cultural and spiritual journey, planning ahead will maximize their opportunity to bathe in the spiritual sense of Thai healing available.

To soothe the aches and pains associated with the stress travel places on the body, guests from afar will appreciate the jetlag revival treatment, Rub Kwan, which is a traditional Thai therapy the northern and northeastern Thai people offer to visitors who have arrived after a long journey. Herbs renowned for improving blood circulation and aiding in the reduction of swelling -- such as ginger root, phlai root, mint leaves, licorice, cinnamon and sea salt -- are used in a decadent foot soak to begin the treatment. Next is the traditional practice of immersing the hands in rock salt and namprung to cleanse and refresh, followed by a hand and foot scrub using Thai rose, pandan and michelia longifolia mixed with sea salt to ensure the layers of stress and tension begin melting away. The body is now in a relaxed state, prepared beautifully for the targeted massage to loosen joints, shoulders, neck and back. Adding a personalized facial to this jetlag treatment allows the dehydrated skin to be replenished and rejuvenated. Guests leave feeling centered and relaxed. 

Whether guests require detoxification, a targeted pigmentation treatment, intense hydration or the ultimate in anti-aging facials, expert therapists make certain a glowing complexion and complete rejuvenation are received. Even guests with sensitive skin can be comforted by the skincare range used -- EviDenS de Beauté -- which combines the unsurpassed expertise of both Japanese and French beauty knowledge.

Body treatments have been specially designed for physical and mental well-being.  The journey begins with senses enhanced by the beneficial ingredients used in the luxurious Maison Caulières product range. Healing offerings include relaxing or energizing massage, scrubs for hand, feet or body, the use of hot or cold compresses, and an extensive range of massage from traditional or ancient Thai and Himalayan Salt Stone to an invigorating pressure point scalp massage.  Combinations are personalized and ensure the guest receives the bespoke treatment their wellness craves. Decadence is encapsulated into each and every treatment, from the soothing milk bath with lavender, rosewood and cedarwood, to the protein-rich jasmine rice scrub, to the aloe vera and honey body wrap – during each, the body is gently coerced into complete relaxation.

For visitors looking to absorb a not-to-be-missed spiritual experience with their spa treatment, the Sense Journey Krung Thep Heritage is a unique offering in which a Rosewood Bangkok concierge is their personal escort. The journey begins at Wat Pho, where guests learn the history of traditional Thai herbs and their therapeutic and medicinal uses in ancient Thai medicine. They are then transported by boat down the Chao Praya river to Wat Arun, where they receive a Buddhist blessing. Filled with the stillness and calm that comes from Buddhist practice, guests return to Sense, A Rosewood Spa for a blissfully indulgent 90-minute Signature Sense of Ploen massage. Advance booking of at least one day is required for this experience.  

Manicures, pedicures and blowouts can be enjoyed in a separate nail studio and hair salon to make for an easy transition from spa treatment to elegant finishing touches. From head to toe, guests are assured their well-being is of upmost importance.

Gentlemen need not feel left out. A specially designed spa menu, tailored for males, provides specific treatments to target concerns. Even little ones can be taken care of in the nail salon with a gentle manicure created especially for those precious, tiny hands. Both Mother and Daughter and Father and Son packages have been created to enhance every family getaway.

Thailand is known all over the globe as home to the world’s top spas. With a dedication to well-being, Sense, A Rosewood Spa ensures guests leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. Every breath fills the body with the fragrance of healing and wellness. With every touch from expert therapists, tension is eased, aches are forgotten, and skin is intensely hydrated and enriched. The mind, body and soul are made fresh to face the world once more. 

For more information, please and for reservations, email or call call +66 2 080 0060.