What is it?

One day to indulge in loving self-care allows you to experience the core of the Asaya philosophy. Introducing you to our five pillars of wellness through guided sessions with our resident wellness practitioners.

Who is it for?

One Day Wellness program at Asaya is perfectly suited to those looking for a meaningful yet efficient self-care experience. From morning until evening, participants can look forward to expert-led activities that seek to bolster their mind-body connection.

What are the benefits?

The program’s focus on physical and mental wellness with our team of experts, offers guests unique personal insights into how they integrate wellness into their lives. Discover how one day of self-care can offer lasting positive change.

  • 1 day
1 day
  • One day immersive experience
  • All meals developed in tandem and provided by Asaya Kitchen
  • Full access to Asaya gym, pool and bath houses during the day
  • Professionally designed and tailored schedule including:
  • A one on one naturopathic doctor consultation
  • One on one with expert trainers
  • Guided personal discovery session
  • Deep tissue body therapies
  • And more

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