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Inspired by the flora along the coastline, we honor the traditions and lost remedies of Miramar Beach. With the unique biological diversity in the nutrient rich waters, we have developed healing methods using the natural resources around us. Plants and flowers in this area are linked to healing the body and clearing ones energy. At Sense Spa, we reveal a story about the history and culture using aromas, tastes and touches of these healing plant properties and with treatment inspired by nature to promote holistic self care.

Calming Wild Ginger Tradition

Experience the healing traditions of this indigenous and locally made ritual to calm and protect the body. Wild ginger was among the various plants along the California coast used to relieve anxiety, with active antibacterial properties that aid in calming the stomach and treat inflammations of the skin. The native cactus prickly pear fruit was also used to beautify the complexion of the skin. Prepare for his indigenous ritual with a ginger tea followed by a full-body scrub of salt, prickly pear, ginger root and citrus. Then, a healing and grounding massage rounds this experience.

90 Mins USD315


Experience a well rounded journey at Miramar Beach with a combination of internationally inspired rituals best suited for your mind and body's state. This carefully chosen range of exceptional treatments will help you to obtain a sense of well being, whether you are looking to achieve a state of balance, indulgence or restoration.

Miramar Escape

Relax and rejuvenate with Miramar’s signature spa services to evoke a feeling of freedom and beauty in this ultimate escape. Beginning with Maison Caulieres 90-minute Like a Fertile Land massage, tension will be released throughout. Next, youthfulness will be restored to the skin with EviDenS de Beauté 90-minute Absolute Radiance Ritual. Skin will appear glowing and radiant on your blissful retreat along the coast.

180 Mins USD565


Our expert skin specialists use a personalized approach that ensures you have an extraordinary experience specific to your skin. Our exclusive skincare experiences blend scientifically advanced techniques and natural elements to guarantee lasting results and glowing healthy skin. Please note, as a precaution steam will be not be during facials.

Signature Extreme 360 Anti-Aging Ritual

Developed to maximize the skins beauty and smooth the signs of aging by using products from the EviDenS de Beaute Extreme Line with this unforgettable 8-step ritual. Your treatment involves a specialized bio-collagen treatment mask and a neck, back and shoulder massage which has relaxing effects not only for your back but also for your facial muscles. Specially developed to stimulate cell renewal and to actively fight against signs of aging, this treatment has been developed for dehydrated and life-stressed skin looking to regain radiance, energy and firmness.

90 Mins USD450

Absolute Radiance Skin Ritual

Created for skin with increased pigmentation concerns and dark spots. Your treatment begins with a neck, back and shoulder massage which has relaxing effects not only for your back but also for your facia muscles. This facial experience nourishes, renews and returns the skin back to its youthful appearance and balanced complexion. EviDenS de Beaute Four- Session Radiance Cure. We recommend a monthly cure of four weekly sessions for an extraordinary and undeniable brightening effect on the skin.

90 Mins USD315

Nurturing Skin Ritual

Dedicated to treating dehydrated skin to help restore optimal moisture levels, re-plump the skin and reduce fine lines. This facial begins with a neck, back and shoulder massage which has relaxing effects not only for your back but also for your facial muscles. This skincare experience is particularly effective after sun bathing or continued exposure to environmental conditions, such as cold, wind and pollution.

60 Mins USD235
90 Mins USD315

Miramar Organic Facial

Breathe life your into skin with state-of-the-art organic actives that renew, transform and strengthen with vital nutrients from land and sea. A cleansing massage, paired masques and organic product blends are enhanced with crystalline structured water and prickly pear elixir to optimize perfect hydration and healthy aging. Further complemented by guided meditation & the ancient art of Gua Sha and Jade Roller, the revitalizing effects of this treatment improve not only complexion and skin wellness but, nourish the spirit as well.

60 Mins USD235
90 Mins USD315

Alkalizing Clarity Facial

Detox your complexion with this all-natural facial designed to return the skin’s healthy bacteria to its ideal, most functional state. Balancing pre- and probiotics, cell-renewing fruit enzymes and skin replenishing minerals combine with a purifying massage using Jade tools to stimulate lymphatic drainage, release toxins, and improve circulation. A nourishing masque and customized serum blend are infused into the skin leaving it clear, balanced and restored.

60 Mins USD235


From nurturing to detoxifying, our body treatments stimulate the blood circulation, remove dead skin cells and replenish tired and dry skin. Our treatments range from exfoliation, body wraps and personalized body work to promote healthy skin. 

Signature Body Scrub

A soothing and purifying treatment using your choice of sugar or salt in a renewing full body scrub. This customized exfoliation will prep the skin for an even skin tone, reveal the skin’s natural glow and concludes with a cleansing of hot towels. A hydrating lotion application leaves the skin nourished and balanced.

60 Mins USD235


Using internationally inspired wellness rituals and healing traditions, our therapists use an array of massage techniques to restore your connection to your best self and deliver transformative results. 

Like a Fertile Land

A full body massage focusing on healing properties, freely inspired by Deep Tissue. This Maison Caulieres treatment focuses on a comforting creamy touch with citrus notes or a flower honey-scented warm and enchanting dry oil. Deep pressure and stretching massage techniques are applied to relieve muscle tension, enhance circulation and stimulate the metabolism for detoxification.

90 Mins USD315

Signature Massage

Personalized for your preference, therapists will tailor a combination of massage techniques to address your special needs using your choice of one of our organic aromatherapy oils — ginger, lavender or neroli. With special focus on the neck and shoulders, the massage stimulates energy and blood flow to the brain to increase concentration and improve wellbeing.

60 Mins USD235
90 Mins USD315

Prenatal Massage

A powerfully beneficial experience for expectant mothers beyond their first trimester. This safe and gentle massage helps relieve back and leg pain, improves sleep and promotes overall wellbeing. A perfect way to begin the journey of motherhood.

60 Mins USD235
90 Mins USD315


A full-body traditional massage that uses light-to medium pressure to soothe and relax muscles. This massage is customized and can target specific areas in need of attention.

60 Mins USD235
90 Mins USD315

Deep Tissue

Focusing on techniques that target the deeper muscle layers, this massage uses a firm touch and intensive techniques to relieve muscle tightness and promote relief.

60 Mins USD235
90 Mins USD315
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Encouraging and embracing self-awareness and mindfulness in the youngest of budding spa enthusiasts is a wonderful way to spend time with the ones you hold dearest to your heart. The following treatments have been created exclusively for the little ones in your life.

For children 12 years old and above, a parent or guardian must be present for all spa services.

Natural Teen Facial

A natural wellness skincare regimen for teens, using ingredients rich in vital nutrients to address young skin. Transformative results using the best skincare to soothe and protect delicate skin.

60 Mins USD225

Organic Teen Massage

A gentle massage experience using organic oils to create awareness and celebrate a young spirit and loving self-care.

60 Mins USD235

Mother & Daughter Duet Massage

A special experience for mothers and daughters in the privacy of our couple’s suite. Enjoy a full body massage and some true bonding time with one another.

60 Mins USD470

Father & Son Duet Massage

A special experience for fathers and sons in the privacy of our couple’s suite. Enjoy a relaxing full body massage and bonding time with each other.

60 Mins USD470


Add one of these nourishing treatments to enhance your massage or body treatment.

Evidens De Beauté Eye Treatment

The newborn eye mask treatment with pure BioCollagen nanostructure is highly concentrated in Triple Collagen and brightening antioxidant that banish puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles in minutes. Your experienced technicians will apply the mask to allow it to work while you are left to experience your luxurious treatment.


Evidens De Beauté Mask

This face mask provides an instant “wake-up” effect to tired and dull skin. Its pure BioCollagen nanostructure is highly concentrated in Triple Collagen, as well as specific hydrating and lifting ingredients. Select from ‘Moisture’ for dehydrated skin or ‘Brightening’ to revive your skin for those special occasions.


Restorative Scalp Treatment

Conditioning hair treatment that combines intensive therapy to hair and scalp with keratin amino acids that are rich in emollients to deeply nourish dry, damaged hair. Restore moisture, strength and flexibility, leaving your hair ready to take on anything.


CBD Massage Oil

A therapeutic and healing blend of full spectrum hemp-derived CBD extract, apricot and neroli oil to enhance your massage. This targeted treatment will give an overall calming effect, reduces pain and inflammation, while still providing an invigorating and rejuvenating feel to the skin, muscles and joints caused by injury or stress to the body.


CBD Facial Oil

A healing blend of full spectrum hemp-derived CBD extract, apricot and neroli oil to enhance your facial massage. This targeted facial enhancement will focus on the shoulders, décolletage, neck, face, arms and hands. Promoting cell renewal, improving fine lines and wrinkles, reducing redness and relieving dry skin.


CBD Oil Salt or Sugar Scrub

This cleansing and exfoliating full spectrum hemp-derived CBD extract treatment will leave skin smooth, detoxified, and increases circulation.


CBD Scalp Oil Treatment

This scalp treatment utilizes full spectrum hemp-derived CBD extract, apricot and neroli relaxes, providing deep relief, cell renewal, and creating healthy, stronger hair, encouraging growth while relieving dry scalp.


CBD Therapeutic Hand Treatment

Perfect for those with arthritic problems, RSI, tendon, muscle tightness, and wrist problem, this healing blend of full spectrum hemp-derived CBD extract moisturizes, soothes, and is anti-inflammatory. 



Please be advised that it is good practice to shower before any treatment. Silence, peace and respect are part of our Sense spa philosophy. Please consider other guest’s space and privacy. Please silence any electronic devices you might have before entering the facility.

In order to give you adequate time to complete the wellbeing consultation and relax, we recommend that you arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior to your treatment. Late arrivals will affect the duration of your scheduled appointment.

To schedule or to rebook, contact our Sense spa host who will be happy to assist you in choosing the right treatment. All treatments should preferably be booked in advance to ensure availability. Our Spa concierge will need valid credit card information to confirm any bookings.

If you wish to reschedule or cancel your booking, please be advised that 24 hours are required in order for
us to accommodate your request, or two hours if the appointment is made on the same day. No-show or last minute cancellations will incur a 100% charge.

Bathrobes, slippers and disposables are available at Sense spa for your treatment sessions.

Kindly consult with your physician before taking any treatment or using our facility. If you have any allergies, please make sure to inform our Sense spa team.

Please secure your valuables. Sense spa will not be held responsible for any loss or damage during your visit.


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