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Paradise, Found

Collaborate with the brilliant scientists at Thailand’s Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, explore pristine powder-white sands and recovering coral reefs, and create a sustainable fashion piece to help save an IRL paradise.

When you picture the eye-popping beaches of Thailand, you may well be envisioning Patong Bay. Long before it became a mecca for beachcombers and sun-worshippers, the heart of the Gulf of Thailand’s ecosystem was a de facto natural aquarium, where protected coral reefs buoyed biodiversity like few other places on earth.

But like many corners of paradise, the beaches of Patong Bay have been loved too much, its protective reefs damaged by human intrusion. Rosewood Phuket has devoted itself to restoring these fragile habitats. Now, in an exclusive partnership for Rosewood Limited Edition, the resort has teamed up with Thailand’s Department of Marine and Coastal Resources of Thailand to revive the utopia anew—and you can help.

Guests will join ongoing beach cleaning and coral reef restoration activities near the hotel at four rehabilitation sites, including Tri-Trang Beach, the private island Koh Mai Thon, and Raya Island, and Koh Khai. Among your illustrious team members: Paitul Panchaiyaphum, Director of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources of Thailand, and Tawatchai Limsuebchuea, who leads the Coastal Resources Restoration project. There will be plenty of opportunity to dive and snorkel at each site, too—keeping peeled out for the aquatic residents you’re assisting, including sea turtles, glowing ghost pipefish, and clownfish (a.k.a. Nemo). Guests will then team up with a dynamic design duo—Rewat Chamnarn, former editor-in-chief of Wallpaper Thailand, and Jean Tryn, the owner of sustainable-minded retailer Trichus—to create a bespoke fashion item made from natural rubber extracted from Phuket’s own rubber trees and waste culled from earlier clean-up expeditions (refuse such as plastic bottles and bags, food wrappers and containers). Whatever you create—be it a tote bag or flip flops—will be reproduced and sold at Rosewood Phuket’s retail gallery, as well as Ecotopia in Bangkok’s Siam Discovery mall, to benefit the project.

You’ll spend three nights at Rosewood Phuket, a beachfront Gold LEED–certified property that is contributing extensively to the regeneration of the Gulf of Thailand as well as Phuket’s other endangered reefs. Included in the price of your experience? A very generous donation of $10,000 to assist with the restoration of the iconic isle—a gift of paradise to the world.

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  • 3 nights stay at Rosewood Phuket
  • Round trip airport transfers


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January 1, 2020
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