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Sense Spa Journeys combine a blend of services featured throughout the spa’s menu. Dedicated to providing a memorable experience, the following journeys reflect a unique vision of Bermuda spa resorts and pampering beyond compare.

Rosewood Retreat

This all-inclusive spa day relaxes and rejuvenates for silky smooth skin. A full-body honey and cane sugar exfoliation is followed by an 80-minute Bermuda Pawpaw Massage. After a quiet lunch at the spa’s reflecting pool, guests enjoy a signature Swizzle drink while receiving a relaxing manicure and pedicure.

300 MinsUSD 595

Sense of Bermuda Experience

This half-day package combines a collection of Sense spa’s signature services, including a Cedar Warming Massage, signature facial, Tucker’s Manicure and Pedicure and fresh spa lunch.

270 MinsUSD 489

Bermuda Triangle

After hours of travel to this Bermuda spa hotel, this trio of spa indulgences is the perfect restorative. Tropical Rain Splash Therapy in the spa’s Silver TAG® shower stimulates the senses with 18 showerheads acting in concert to massage the entire body. A Tribe Road No. 1 Natural Aloe Massage, using aloe handpicked from the spa’s garden, is followed by a refreshing citrus-inspired facial.

120 MinsUSD 319


The spa’s collection of massages offers a relaxing combination of aromatherapy and expert touch. A customized infusion of aromatic plant and flower extracts, herbs and quality oil blends from around the world promotes balance and relief. The following restorative selections are available, as well as tailored massage and aromatherapy combination provided by specially trained therapists.

Tribe Road No. 1 Natural Aloe Massage

This all-over relaxing and hydrating massage employs locally harvested aloe to remove toxins and relieve stress. Gently warmed in winter and slightly cooled in summer, the pure aloe gel is combined with a light marine cream and worked into the skin using various techniques including Swedish, lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage. 

50 MinsUSD 179
80 MinsUSD 239

Cedar Warming Massage

This full-body, deeply warming massage uses light cedar and juniper essential oils to melt away muscle tension and improve circulation, for a deeply relaxed and balanced feeling. 

50 MinsUSD 204
80 MinsUSD 274

Bermuda Pawpaw Massage

Experience the healing effects of the antioxidant-rich papaya, or as it is known colloquially, the pawpaw. Naturally infused with Vitamins C & A, the elements of pawpaw combat free radicals and create a perfect balance when combined with the smooth, long strokes and light to medium pressure of this massage.

50 MinsUSD 175
80 MinsUSD 235

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to release tension, this massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscles. Deep strokes and pressure point techniques, combined with a special body serum, help to relieve muscular tension. 

50 MinsUSD 208
80 MinsUSD 285

Fusion Massage

This customized massage experience integrates practices from the East and West to create harmony between body, mind and spirit. Expert therapists can incorporate a variety of techniques and modalities, or guests can choose in advance from options that include Thai, lomi lomi, obsidian and onyx stone massage, warm stone massage, Shirodhara and shiatsu. 

50 MinsUSD 204
80 MinsUSD 274

Warm Stone Massage

A soothing application of warming stones prepares stressed tissue, and allows the therapist to work deeply in the muscles, bringing you to a complete state of relaxation and relief.

50 MinsUSD 208
80 MinsUSD 285


Rooted in the principles of age-old thalasso therapies, the spa’s body treatments blend exfoliation and masks with bodywork for a healing spa experience. Several feature a one-of-a-kind shower as a distinct part of the service, choreographing water temperature and pressure to magnify the health benefits and experience.

Match Me if You Can Botanical Therapy

This unique botanical therapy includes a full-body dry brush exfoliation and warm mineral-rich mud cocoon, while also incorporating the healing properties of the ‘Match Me If You Can’ plant. A one-of-a-kind hydrotherapy experience in the spa’s Silver TAG® 18-head shower follows, ending with a light massage application. 

80 MinsUSD 275

Beekeeper Honey & Cane Sugar Therapy

This sweet exfoliating massage uses a scrub of pure honey and cane sugar to leave the skin bright and glowing. After tropical rain splash therapy in the Silver TAG® shower, where 18 showerheads act in concert to massage the entire body, guests enjoy a relaxing massage with pure organic shea butter and the spa’s signature Bermuda lily-infused aromatherapy blend. 

80 MinsUSD 275

Sun Soother

This cooling treatment uses plant botanicals from aloe and lilies to soothe the skin and alleviate the effects of the sun’s harmful rays. Redness and tenderness will be noticeably diminished after this treatment. 

50 MinsUSD 197

Marine Detox Therapy

Stress will melt away after a gentle full-body polish with an exfoliating blend of aromatic sea salts and essential oils which extract impurities and stimulate circulation. Next, seaweed and sea algae – rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins – are used to enhance cleansing and detoxification during the wrap. After a seaweed soak, a light massaging application of firming gel completes this service, for skin that feels firm, yet flexible with a reduced appearance of cellulite. 

80 MinsUSD 307


An expert pre-facial consultation ensures the best product selection and treatment choices for all skin types. All facials include aromatherapy, massage of the face, neck, décolleté and hands, and personalized product selection. The 80- and 110-minute facials include the application of a treatment mask and deep-tissue firming facial massage.

The Extreme 360 Global Anti-Aging Facial

Developed to maximize the skin’s beauty and reduce any signs of aging by acting on the most sensitive areas of your face. This treatment has been developed for mature, dehydrated, tired and dull skin in need of an extreme solution to fight the signs of aging. Including an eight-step skin care ritual to assist in the skin’s recovery, this treatment includes a specialized Bio-collagen treatment mask, back and scalp massage and intensive ingredients to help fight the signs of aging. A true anti-aging experience from start to finish.

80 MinsUSD 362

Organic Care Facial

Suitable for all skin types, this facial using the spa’s own organic skin care line restores skin’s natural balance to leave it hydrated, supple and fresh while providing the most wholesome of care. 

50 MinsUSD 204
80 MinsUSD 296

Absolute Radiance Facial

Created for skin with increased pigmentation and dark spots, your treatment begins with a neck, back and shoulder massage to help intensify the relaxing effects of this facial throughout your entire body and your face. A facial experience that nourishes and renews your skin to highlight your youthful appearance & naturally balanced complexion. Leave, feeling simply radiant.

50 MinsUSD 208
80 MinsUSD 303

Nourishing Facial

Created for mature skin problems to help produce immediate and long-lasting benefits, visibly rejuvenated, the skin regains comfort, suppleness, firmness, density and radiance. Facial contours appear restructured and the facial oval refreshed.

50 MinsUSD 204
80 MinsUSD 296

Fresh Facial

This refreshing deep-cleansing facial is infused with the signature scents of Tucker’s Point. Cleaner skin is achieved with sonic technology while radiance is delivered with a relaxing and hydrating facial massage. 

25 MinsUSD 98


Two or more spa tides can be combined for a personalized spa retreat. Each 10- to 25-minute service provides a taste of local flavor.


A basic relaxation massage targeting tension in the head, neck and shoulders using a self-heating serum with citrus essential oils to improve mobility.

USD 85


Pressure is applied to reflex points on the hands, feet and ears that correspond to vital organs. The technique assists with healing and promotes energy flow along the body’s meridian lines.

USD 85


This hydrating regimen for the hands or feet includes exfoliation, massage and paraffin treatment followed by a veil of hydration for silky smooth results.

USD 45


A signature cane sugar and honey exfoliation reveals a fresh layer of soft skin and protects with a hydrating layer of silky smooth honey.

USD 85


The spa’s Silver TAG® shower massages the entire body with 18 synchronized showerheads, for a hydrotherapy sensation unlike any other and best enjoyed prior to other spa treatments.

USD 35


This special menu for guests aged 13 and under offer an array of options for the budding spa aficionado. A parent or guardian must be present for all spa services, making this a perfect opportunity for a mother-daughter spa day.


For ages 5 to 9 years

A manicure and pedicure to moisturize, protect and polish hands and feet to perfection. 

50 MinsUSD 75

In Bloom

For ages 9 to 13 years

Lily Complexion Perfecting Facial. 

25 MinsUSD 60


For ages 11+ years

A relaxing scalp or foot massage. 

25 MinsUSD 60


The following services are specially designed for guests 14 to 16 years old.

Island Bloom

This deep-cleansing and perfecting facial addresses young, pubescent skin and includes a relaxing massage of the hands. This also provides a great opportunity to learn about treating and preventing blemishes. 

50 MinsUSD 115


Natural infusions of lily and aloe essential oils are used in this head, neck and shoulders massage, followed by a mini manicure. 

50 MinsUSD 115


A combination fit for a queen, but tailored for a princess. Girls are taught the basics of preparing for a special occasion, with tips and techniques shared during a light make-up application and hair styling. 

80 MinsUSD 125


Facial Hair Removal

With tender care, trained technicians will remove unsightly hair from the chin and upper lip, or thin and shape the brow for an improved appearance. 

Lip - USD40
Chin - USD40
Brow - USD40

Body Waxing

The spa's depilatory services offer targeted hair removal to tidy problem areas for a more hygienic and aesthetically pleasing appearance, perfect for swimwear and eveningwear.

Arms: Full USD55 / Half USD35 / Underarm USD35
Legs: Full USD70 / Half USD50
Body: Chest USD50 / Back USD65
Lower body: Bikini USD45 / Brazilian USD80


Discover the true art and decadent statement that comes with our finishing touches.

Sense of Bermuda Pedicure

A complete sensory experience brings deep relief to the soles. Beginning with a Swizzle scrub and pawpaw foot massage, expert grooming and impeccable lacquer make this a delight for the feet. 50 minutes 

A ginger mask along with heated wrap soothes and hydrates. Complemented with a glass of Bermuda’s signature cocktail, this is time well spent. 80 minutes

50 MinsUSD 98

Sense of Bermuda Manicure

A ginger and essential oil sugar scrub with hand massage delivers deliciously beautiful hands. Finished with the guest’s choice of color or French polish. 50 minutes

50 MinsUSD 76


Treatments are carefully planned to accommodate each and every client. In a spirit of mutual respect, the spa kindly requests that guests arrive at least 20 minutes prior to an appointment in order to enjoy the full treatment time. Late arrivals will be finished within the scheduled treatment time; any missed time due to a guest’s late arrival will not be made up or refunded.

On arrival guests will be supplied with a bathrobe, sandals and a locker for personal belongings. Towels are offered throughout the spa and disposable underwear is available for all body treatments. Facilities include separate men’s and women’s locker rooms with relaxation area and vanities stocked with a variety of toiletries.

A 17% gratuity on all treatments will be added to spa billing at check-out for the convenience of guests.

The spa environment is one of tranquility and relaxation. In consideration of other guests, the spa requests that all visitors speak in a quiet voice and switch off mobile devices. If using headphones, the volume level should not be audible to other guests. The spa is a non-smoking zone.

Guests will be properly draped by trained professionals throughout treatment. Guests are encouraged to request a specific technician if desired, and to feel free to make requests to improve the spa experience, such as adjustments to lighting, sound, temperature or technique.

In-room treatments from the Sense of Well-Being massage menu are available; times and prices vary from the in-spa menu, and a surcharge applies. More information is available at spa reception.

Guests are asked to please refrain from shaving before all body treatments and men’s facials. To maximize the benefits of a spa experience, guests should inform attendants of any health issues, allergies or injuries that may make the treatment chosen unsuitable, so that safer alternatives may be suggested.

Specially designed treatments for expectant mothers are available, and attendants will be happy to assist guests in selecting suitable treatments for this special time. Pregnant guests should consult with their physicians prior to booking any spa services.

Spa areas are reserved for guests 16 years or older. Children are allowed in the spa by appointment only and must be accompanied by an adult during their visit.

Cancellation must be received at least four hours prior to the appointment time to avoid a full service charge. Sense Spa Journeys and packages require a 24-hour cancellation notice to avoid a full service charge.

The spa cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal items and valuables during a visit. Guests should refrain from wearing jewelry or valuables to the spa.

The spa offers a variety of treatments, packages and group rates. Please contact the spa for information, terms and conditions.

Guests should schedule in advance to obtain preferred appointment times. Credit card and contact details are required at the time of reservation to guarantee external bookings.

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