As well as enjoying some spectacular dining in restaurants with breathtaking views, Las Ventanas al Paraíso also offers a variety of tailored culinary experiences for food lovers to enjoy, whether they are skilled cooks looking for a Cabo cooking class or gourmands who wish to indulge their love of food, wine and tequila.


For the first time in 22 years, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy live music and expertly crafted cocktails until 2:00 a.m. in an intimate and sophisticated setting at Las Ventanas. Aptly named La Botica, the elevated speakeasy is naturally inspired by the prohibition era and features art deco design elements evocative of the period. Guests can discover the exclusive bar through an obscure door off the lobby under the guise of a vintage Coca-Cola refrigerator, while the external entrance invites visitors into the private space that is reminiscent of a 1920s pharmacy. Buyouts are subject to availability.


During this culinary experience, guests travel back to the roots of ancient Mexican cuisine as they learn the pre-Hispanic technique of “barbacoa” used by the Tlaxcalan people. The experience begins in the morning when guests meet the Chef, who presents quality sheep meat from local farmers, whose organic and free-range meats are renowned throughout Baja. 

With Chef, guests wrap the meat in Maguey leaves and place it in a heated, underground barbacoa oven. The meat is covered, and over the next seven hours, it will cook slowly in the heated oven and become moist, tender and richly flavorful. That evening, guests gather at a communal table to enjoy a traditional barbacoa dinner with fine mezcal and traditional salsas and sides. 

This seasonal culinary experience not only gives guests a glimpse into the history of Mexican gastronomy, but also gives them the opportunity to meet other resort guests during this lively family-style meal. Seasonally available on Saturdays during October through June. Subject to availability.


Guests with a magic touch in the kitchen who want to be recognized for their culinary skills can enter Las Ventanas' Challenge the Chef, which was honored with a 2012 Virtuoso Best of the Best Award for Most Innovative Guest Experience. Daring guests prepare an original dish for Executive Chef in the Herb Garden demo kitchen, who then judges their talent by rating it one to three “Spoons.” 

If the meal is a Three Spoon success, Las Ventanas al Paraíso honors the winner by adding his or her dish to the resort’s acclaimed signature restaurant’s menu for a week – with full credit to the star chef. Even those deemed a “work in progress” come out as winners.


A delightful evening on the pristine shores listening to the cascading waves in the glow of a warming bonfire is a must at Las Ventanas. Rosewood Las Ventanas presents an array of dining experience that puts a premium on privacy and individuality. A private table and bonfire on the beach is available for special occasions. A fixed menu is possible if requested 24 hours in advance.

For more details, please explore Beach Cabanas.


Learn the secrets of Las Ventanas' award-winning cuisine. The cooking demonstration, conducted by the resort's chefs, are held in the open-air demonstration kitchen located in the beautiful and fragrant herb garden. 

Reservations are required a minimum of 24 hours in advance, and are subject to availability. 


To impress that special someone with culinary skills while having a deliciously romantic time, guests at Las Ventanas may arrange a “Men in White” evening. Meals are prepared in a beautiful setting: The outdoor kitchen in the resort's aromatic herb garden. When the special guest arrives he or she will be escorted to the garden by a butler and presented with champagne and a menu, while their host completes the dinner dressed in chef's "whites." The meal is served by a private waiter, at a table beneath a palapa by candlelight, with soft music playing and herbs perfume the air. 

Seasonally available during October through June. Subject to availability.


Every Friday and Saturday evening Las Ventanas offers the Gourmet Table Dinner – a special, five-course tasting menu that showcases the uniqueness of the Baja Peninsula. Presented in La Cava, the intimate and celebratory wine cellar featuring some of the world's finest vintages, the resort's executive chef takes guests on a gastronomic journey, while the sommelier selects an appropriate fine wine to pair with each course. 

7:30 pm; seating limited to 12 guests.


Las Ventanas al Paraíso is known for its outstanding collection of over 150 premium tequilas – one of the largest in Mexico – as well as its trained Tequila Masters, whose grasp of the flavors and nuances of the resort’s extensive tequila collection is unmatched. After several months of development, Las Ventanas al Paraíso's Tequila Masters have created an exclusive program that will determine guests’ personal Tequila Sign, or the variety of tequila that fits the guests’ personality, palette and preferences best. Following a one-on-one blind tasting with one of the resort’s experts, guests will learn if they are “Adventurous,” “Robust,” “Greedy” or “Herbal.” Each of these distinctions corresponds with a selection of tequilas that fit the guests’ flavor preferences and personalities; for example, those who are labeled “Greedy” enjoy sweeter varieties. The guest can then use his/her Tequila Sign to order special pairings and cocktails at any of the resort’s restaurants.


While floating effortlessly down the lazy river, guests have the opportunity to dine and relax in a jacuzzi hidden inside Las Ventanas al Paraíso's Oasis pool. Unwinding in warm waters in a private grotto, guests will embark on an all-enveloping sensorial journey, complete with live music and colorful works of art as they dine on pan-Asian cuisine and wines from around the world. The experience can be enjoyed by up to six guests. Juxtaposing elements of fire and water, the tunnel invites you to relax, connect and linger.


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