There is an irresistible magic at Las Ventanas embodied in the intimate ambiance and personalized service that is a sensual magnet for lovers. A third of the resort’s business is weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries. And to help ensure that guests’ every romantic dream comes true, the resort has created a Department of Romance that works closely with guests, both in advance of arrival and during their stay, to conceive, plan and create a romantic experience that fulfills their desires and fantasies.

Marriage proposals
The Department of Romance can help guests concoct romantic weekends that are unforgettable, set the stage for unique marriage proposals that could only end in “I do,” and visualize weddings that will be their most cherished memory.

Destination romance
Perhaps the most ringing endorsement of Las Ventanas’ romantic appeal is the growing number of couples who get married at Las Ventanas, enjoy their honeymoon there, and then return each year to celebrate their anniversary. The Department of Romance goes far beyond predictable planning to direct a one-of-a-kind, heartfelt production for each guest – from crafting love letters to arranging the right music and aromatherapy when they return to their suite after dinner. Las Ventanas has an array of “romantic resources” at its disposal, including a collection of appropriate books, films, music, aromatherapies and scented candles, as well as local vendors who can provide everything from a white stallion to a musical trio. Fantasy, romance,’s all in a day’s work for the Department of Romance.
Men in White

The "Men in White" program turns a man into a culinary star for the evening, allowing him to impress his wife or significant other with his skills in the kitchen while having a fun, romantic and delicious time. Under the guidance of Las Ventanas’ chef, gentlemen take charge in the kitchen and surprise their special ladies with an exquisite gourmet meal for two. The chef plans a personalized menu with the guest and helps set up the preparation. The setting is the beautiful and aromatic Herb Garden, which also has an outdoor kitchen where the meal is prepared. The lady is personally escorted to the Herb Garden by a butler and presented with the menu and champagne. Then the man dons his “whites” and completes the dinner preparation in front of her. At a romantic table under a palapa in the Herb Garden, in candlelight with soft music playing, a personal waiter serves the feast.


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