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Private Yacht Charter

On the 58-foot yacht from Las Ventanas al Paraíso, enjoy a romantic sunset or discover the secrets of the Sea of Cortez by snorkeling with your loved ones. You will be greeted with a friendly smile from the captain and his butler on board. The adventure begins towards the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas, visiting the colony of sea lions and Pelican Rock. In addition to visiting one of our dream bays, Chileno Bay, enjoy a delicious meal, as well as fun water activities such as snorkeling and stand-up paddle.

The sunset cruise starts with a glass of champagne in a front row seat to enjoy whale watching (seasonally) and is a perfect seat for la vista de la puesta de sol or view of the sunset.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

The Sea of Cortez is a colorful underwater world of beauty and wonder with living coral reefs, sand falls, ocean canyons and old shipwrecks to explore. Tropical fish, hammerhead sharks, moray eels and turtles abound.

Sailing & Sea Kayaking

Los Cabos is a recreational sailor's dream with endless undeveloped coastline, small islands and open waters to explore. It is also a world-class sea-kayaking destination with coves, inlets, water caves and beaches that are only accessible by kayak.

Sport Fishing

Los Cabos is one of the world's great sport fishing destinations. The varieties of fish, in an area so compact and accessible, is unequaled elsewhere. It is particularly famous for its concentration of swordfish and sailfish, and is known as "The Marlin Capital of the World." In addition to big trophy fish, people catch everything from mahi mahi and tuna to roosterfish, halibut, wahoo and corvina.


Surfing is excellent on the Pacific without the crowds typical of the surfing spots in Northern Baja.


When the sound of the conch shell breaks the quietude at Las Ventanas al Paraíso, guests are alerted that one of nature’s wonders – the annual migration of whales– is passing right by the resort. The yearly parade of whales gives guests at Las Ventanas guests two viewing opportunities: first in fall/winter when the whales swim from the cold north to the warm waters along the Baja Peninsula where their babies will be born, and again on their return trip in late winter/spring with babies in tow.

A special amenity, Minolta EZ 10x50 binoculars, enables guests to better enjoy the breath-taking spectacle of whales swimming by directly in front of the resort. During the December through March whale season, the binoculars hang on wrought-iron stands along the resort’s sea wall. Meanwhile, the resort staff scans the water continuously in search of a huge body or tail breaking the horizon, and when they are spotted guests are alerted by the blowing of a pre-Hispanic wind instrument. The unique, alluring sound of the conch shell was long used for important communication among indigenous peoples, and Las Ventanas has adopted this ancient medium. At each place setting at the Sea Grill waterfront restaurant, a rolled-up notice tied with raffia explains what it means when the conch is blown.

Desert Excursions

To fully experience the authentic desert terrain, guests can choose from a range of adventures that include horse-drawn carriage rides and all-terrain vehicle tours into the depths of the Los Cabos desert. The concierge has details of excursion pricing and details.

Horseback Riding

A magical horseback ride through the Los Cabos desert provides guests with a glimpse into the remote and untouched landscape of Baja Sur. Whether planning a romantic ride for two or a larger group excursion, once-in-a-lifetime adventures await with an enchanting desert horseback ride.

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The Razor Experience

Go for a wild ride! Conquer the awe-inspiring desert landscape of Baja California behind the wheel of a rugged UTV. Departing directly from Las Ventanas, this adrenaline-pumping off-road adventure follows winding trails through dramatic terrains: majestic mountains, hidden canyons, cactus forests and coastal dunes along the Sea of Cortez. The exhilarating guided tour culminates with an epic crossing of the world’s longest wooden vehicle-pedestrian suspension bridge.