At Sense, A Rosewood Spa enjoy a cosy relaxation area including a pool, a steam room, an infrared sauna and experience showers as well as a resting area with an Himalayan salt wall.


A natural well of light illuminates the 17,600 gold scales of the residential-style pool of Hôtel de Crillon. Surrounded by unusual yet cozy decorations, the Paris hotel pool is the ideal place for relaxation and contentment. 

Steam room and sauna

After an intense day, come and enjoy a moment of relaxation in our hammam. Then switch to dry heat in our sauna, followed by the detoxifying and relaxing power of the salt wall, and end with our revitalising experience shower. 


Please be informed that Sense, A Rosewood Spa is currently closed until further notice.


01 44 71 15 45

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