Lost Remedies

Lost remedies

The fragrances of lavender, rose and peppermint extend a feeling of wellbeing, mixing the air with sweetness and tenderness. 

Lights of seasons

This is a more playful treatment ritual, holistic and inspired by the changing of the seasons. Relish a purifying body scrub perfumed with fig, bergamot and rose, rinsed by hot towels. A soothing massage of the head, face, hands and feet follow, then cold, mint-scented towels are applied to revitalise the legs. Our invigorating leg massage and stimulating upper body massage, with flower shrubs and honey dry oil, provide an unprecedented experience. 

This treatment brings together surprising sensations that purify, relieve, invigorate and stimulate the body. It’s a poetic journey through the passing of the seasons.

120 Mins€ 420
Sense Journeys

Sense journeys

Combining a series of treatments, these journeys allow you a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Brunch & spa

On Sundays, relax and enjoy a one-hour massage at Sense, A Rosewood Spa before or after our gourmet brunch.

€ 350

Tea time & spa

Share a unique moment with the person of your choice: delight yourself with a tea time at Jardin d’Hiver and extend this moment with two 30-minute massage at Sense, A Rosewood Spa.

€ 175
Sense Skincare Ritual

Essential skin care

Sense spa offers a series of skin care rituals to ensure you reach your desired results, experience a personalized approach and exude your best self.

The ultimate japanese lifting ritual

The ultimate anti-wrinkle ritual to smooth the skin and neck, reduce fine lines and redefine facial contours. Specifically designed for skin lacking firmness and muscle tone, this seven-step treatment experience includes the hydra-lift Bio-Collagen mask and specific techniques inspired by Japanese rituals for an instant lifting effect. 

Particularly recommended on a monthly basis for a visible long-lasting effect. The shape of the face is restructured, features are smoothed and skin texture is refined.

90 Mins€ 340

The Essential Bespoke Ritual

This treatment is tailor-made according to your skin texture. It soothes, moisturizes, purifies and unifies your face.

60 Mins€ 240

Face peeling Jet Peel®

This relaxing and invigorating treatment begins by moistening the face and neck with a spray that hydrates, exfoliates and drains. Your skin is then nourished, treated and repaired thanks to a moisturising solution rich in vitamin B5 or in hyaluronic acid. Your natural skin tone returns one to two hours after the end of the session. Pores are tighter, the complexion clear and even, fine lines nearly invisible. Your skin is rehydrated refreshed, radiant and beautiful.

40 Mins€ 200

Facial lifting Twin Slim®

The latest generation of radiofrequency and ultrasound cavitation, Twin Slim® is a concentrated dose of rejuvenating technology, whose effects are visible from the very first session. When used on the face, Twin Slim® redefines contours, improves skin texture and takes action on deep lines and wrinkles. The effects are long-lasting, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

40 Mins€ 200
Sense Of Body

Sense body

Nurturing the body from the inside out, these treatments leave you relaxed, renewed and feeling like royalty.

Scrub & massage "Le temps d'un songe"

Inspired by the summer fields, this energizing treatment is intended to build up energy, warm the body and enhance the mood. With a delicious fragrance of broom flower and honey, a gourmet sugar scrub exfoliates the entire body to promote circulation and cellular renewal. The gentle application of a warm dry-oil softens the skin for an energizing massage on the legs, back and arms stimulating and warming the body from head to toe. Imagine being kissed by the sun.

90 Mins€ 295

Twin Slim® session

The latest generation of radiofrequency and ultrasound cavitation, Twin Slim® is a concentrated dose of rejuvenating technology, whose effects are visible from the very first session. When used on the body, Twin Slim® eliminates localized accumulations of excess fat by reducing the volume of fat cells, while also being effective against skin slackening and deep and superficial cellulite.

40 Mins€ 200
Sense Massages

Sense Massages

Inspired by healing traditions from around the world, our spa therapists use an array of massage techniques to restore balance and holistic healing.

Bespoke massage

Inspired by and created for you, this massage is specifically designed to suit your needs. Choose the type of massage and the desired pressure to ensure complete satisfaction.

30/60/90 Mins€ 115/230/290

Cranial massage

Focusing on the head, neck and shoulders, this treatment uses different types of pressure to promote relaxation and balance throughout the body. 

Effective for relieving tension present in the body, headaches, and neck and back pain, it stimulates reflection and brings peace of mind.

40/60 Mins€ 150/230

Foot massage

Anchored in traditional Chinese medicine, this technique involves massaging pressure points located on the feet in order to improve circulation, recharge your batteries, and promote overall well-being. 

This experience will bring harmony to the mind and body.

40/60 Mins€ 150/230

Session of Osteopathy

This session of osteopathy is based on bone or muscle manipulations, to relieve aches and tensions of the body.

60 Mins€ 230

Session of Chiropractic

This sessions of chiropractic aims to prevent, diagnose, and treat bodily disorders and their adverse health effects.

60 Mins€ 230
Men's grooming

Men's grooming

Experience luxurious grooming that doesn’t skip even the slightest detail. An essential part of Hôtel de Crillon’s gentleman’s experience.

Simple Hair Cut

With La Barbière de Paris, you can try the style of your choice, whether it’s a classic or trendy cut. Our priority is to take your needs into account and provide the best advice geared to your personality.

30 Mins€ 80

Traditional Shave

Whether you have a three day’s or ten day’s stubble or a more serious beard. Our treatment starts with a beard consultation, where the barber will understand your requirements and style preferences. The barber will trim and shape your beard and nourish it with a special moisturizer to leave your face and beard, feeling smooth as silk.

30 Mins€ 80

Beard Trim

Whether it’s three-day stubble, a ten-day beard, or a fuller beard, facial hair is now in. Our session always starts with an in-depth diagnosis to determine your needs. The barber listens to your wishes, guides you in your choices and advises you according to your face shape. Then, your beard is trimmed and nourished using a serum that will give it a silky feel. Finally, the barber will dispense advice on how to maintain your beard between appointments, and on the choice of the best equipment to purchase.

30 Mins€ 55

Moustache Trim


15 Mins€ 20

Whole beard coloring


60 Mins€ 85

Shoecare devoirdecourt

Founded in 2014, DEVOIRDECOURT emerged from the encounter between a master bootmaker and a leather enthusiast. Through the association of their mutual values, they offer their savoir-faire and expertise in the care and restoration of leather which transform your leather goods into unique collector’s items.

€ 75

Shoecare devoirdecourt Xo Delamain

Shoecare of your shoes with Cognac icing.

€ 120
Sense spa finishing touch

The Final Touch

Discover the true art and decadent statement that comes with our finishing touches.

Spa manicure

There is no better treatment for your hands than being immersed in a warm bath of gentle sugar crystals to soften the skin, followed by a hydrating gel to restore suppleness. To finish, the application of a delicate cream will give a youthful appearance to your hands. This service honours your hands with rich local ingredients inspired by beauty secrets passed down from Marie-Antoinette. End this break with a buff to shine your nails, or a polish in the colour of your choice. Our manicure includes filing and cuticle care.

60 Mins€ 110

Express manicure

Filing and polish application.

30 Mins€ 70

Spa pedicure

The part of the body that we use the most is given our full attention. A foot bath softens the skin and banishes fatigue. A cool, nourishing mask is then applied to the lower legs and feet to moisturise them. This treatment promotes circulation and revitalises the skin. It can be completed with polish in the colour of your choice. Our pedicure includes filing as well as cuticle care.

60 Mins€ 110

Polish add-on


30 Mins€ 40

Day make-up

Enjoy light and careful application of daytime make-up. This service is ideal for clients seeking an elegant appearance without too much make-up. For when you want a natural, sophisticated look.

60 Mins€ 180

Special occasion make-up

Recommended for future brides, photo shoots or special events, this make-up application service is ideal for those who would like photo-ready, professional-quality make-up.

It includes a one-hour consultation before the event and a one-hour appointment for application on the day of the event.

90 Mins€ 250
Sense Beginning

Sense of beginning

These treatments are ideal for those that are looking to enjoy a sense spa experience with a parent or guardian.

Prenatal Massage

This experience is beneficial for pregnant women in their second trimester. A relaxing massage that is comforting and delicate, it contributes to relieving back and leg pain, improving the quality of sleep and promoting overall well-being. This treatment reduces water retention and calms aches and pains.

60 Mins€ 230


With its contemporary design and its latest cutting edge equipment, Hôtel de Crillon’s Fitness studio creates a calming and invigorating workout environment.

"Scan me" session

This health check-up is done by our coach to plan bespoke training sessions according to your goals.

60 Mins€ 150

Private training

Your coach will customize your workout sessions in the Fitness studio or outdoors according to your desires

60 Mins€ 150


Under the glass canopy, in a setting streaming with light, yoga lovers and enthusiasts will come together around the swimming pool. Each class is to all yoga aficionados, for a unique time that combines pleasure and harmony at Sense, A Rosewood Spa.

60 Mins€ 170
Hair Salon by David Lucas

Hair Salon by David Lucas

Gifted hairstylist David Lucas knows how to sweep clients off their feet with his charm and kindness, but it’s without a doubt his ability to listen and the perfect command of his art that make this man so in demand.

Blow dry

The essential, indispensable elements of an appointment at The Hair Salon by David Lucas. Selected from several product lines that meet the needs of your hair and scalp, the hair washing step will always be followed by a custom treatment without additional charge. Then we’ll choose the finish that suits you: Blowout, drying with a diffuser, texturizing... Everything is possible.

€ 90+

Women's Cut

Together we’ll analyse your desires to trim, shorten or even transform your entire mane, always with a great deal of finesse.

€ 150+

Women's Color

An infinite number of shades are mixed on the premises by our team using micronised pigments that are exclusively organic in origin. As a result, whether applied to the roots or all over your hair, oxidation is minimal. The colour penetrates impeccably for perfect longevity. Each colour treatment is unique.

€ 160+


Even easier to personalise than colour, each lock is worked individually, judiciously lightening it in order to slip subtle, illuminating shades right into the mane.

€ 220+

Tokyo Inkarami hair treatment

Imported straight from Japan, this treatment combines a rich formula of eight keratins from different origins with a very special application method. In only 30 minutes, it repairs even the most damaged hair.

€ 220+

Brazilian haircare

A truly deep treatment, it involves disciplining unruly hair by soaking it with keratin, relaxing curls that are too tight, and making styling a breeze. Ideal for frizzy hair, it melts frizz instantly, with effects lasting from four to six months. 

Plan to spend a full two hours at the salon.

€ 450+

Event hairstyle

For any private event, like weddings or anniversaries, entrust our team.

€ 150+

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Treatment someone to the gift of experience. 
Choose from a traditional gift card or e-gift instant delivery. 

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