Special Amenities & Services

Pets Get Bite of Luxury with Special Menus, Massages & More

The pampered pet who has it all will feel right at home at Las Ventanas al Paraíso. The resort offers special menus and massages to pamper furry friends who are vacationing in the lap of luxury. In addition, a Pet Cabana – possibly the only one of its kind, since it was designed especially for the resort – is available. Guests may use the portable cabana at their own suite, or bring it to the pool or to the beach so their pet can enjoy the outdoors in shady comfort.

The “Canine Delights” menu features three special dishes – Doggie Delights (a selection of our best friend’s favorites), The Rin Tin Tin (shredded braised beef and steamed rice), and Mighty Mutt (scrambled eggs, steamed rice and grated cheese) – as well as such desserts as K-9 Cookies (special doggie cookies) and The Tail Wagger (fancy dog treats). For pets who require a special diet or who simply crave a particular food, the chef will prepare made-to-order dishes. All pet cuisine is served on appropriate petware: metallic bowls with faux gem stones, bone-shaped placemats for dogs and kitty-design placemats for cats. Pet pampering even includes special treatments offered by Las Ventanas’ acclaimed international Spa. Dogs can enjoy a stress-reducing neck massage – a treatment made to order for pet jetlag. The resort staff will also walk pets, either along the fine-sand beach or in the flowering desert countryside, at the times each day that the guest specifies. The resort accommodates pets for USD50 per stay (not per night) per pet; the pet weight limit is 40 pounds.

Cinema Proposal: A Surprising New Way to Pop The Question

Imagine snuggling up together, a bottle of champagne in the ice bucket, and you’ve pressed play to start the movie in the DVD player. But wait! That’s your significant other on the screen…saying such beautiful, romantic words. What’s going on? Lights. Camera. Propose! Introducing the Las Ventanas Cinema Proposal! The Director of Romance works with the gentleman in advance of arrival to make all the arrangements to videotape the marriage proposal. Once at the resort, she clandestinely arranges for a secret taping while your significant other is relaxing by the pool or enjoying a spa treatment. A professional production company, using state-of-the-art lighting and sound, creates a movie-quality DVD that thrills the couple at the moment and then becomes a cherished keepsake – you can relive the proposal again and again! The new videotaped marriage proposal service takes surprise to a new level, while virtually guaranteeing a "Yes."

Men in White: You're the Chef  for your Significant Other

The "Men in White" program turns men into culinary stars for the evening, allowing them to impress their wife or significant other with their skills in the kitchen while having a fun, romantic and delicious time. Under the guidance of Las Ventanas’ chef, men take charge in the kitchen and surprise their special lady with an exquisite gourmet meal for two. The chef plans a personalized menu with the guest and helps set up the preparation. The setting is the beautiful and aromatic Herb Garden, which also has an outdoor kitchen where the meal is prepared. The lady is personally escorted to the Herb Garden by a butler and presented with the menu and champagne. Then the man dons his “whites” and completes the dinner preparation in front of her. At a romantic table under a palapa in the Herb Garden, in candlelight with soft music playing, a personal waiter serves the feast.

The Latest Splash at Las Ventanas…Dinner & a Bath

Guests can order an luxurious after-dinner bath at the same time they order their gourmet dinner. When guests sit down for dinner at The Restaurant, along with the dinner menu they now are also presented with the resort’s new bath menu, which offers a choice of a “Sensual & Romantic,” “Aromatic Indulgence” or “Sensual Delight” bath experience. Also on the bath menu are lists of Champagne, premium tequila and Cuban cigars guests may enjoy during their bath. While the guests are having dinner, their bath is being prepared, their beverages, cigars and other desires are being arranged, and they return to a luxurious experience for two that awaits in their suite. An after-dinner bath with your significant other, lounging in an oversize tub together sipping champagne, is an incredibly intimate and inspiring experience. It is another unique special touch and one more reason why Las Ventanas is one of the world’s most romantic resorts.

The Sensual & Romantic bath is an exotic sensory adventure combining a creamy infusion scented with Amazonian Maracuja Passionflower, a spicy infusion of Black Pepper Oil and an exfoliator of papain, fruit enzymes and flower extracts. Aromatic Indulgence features thermal salts from ancient seawater deposits in Germany’s Leine Valley, wild indigo extract moisturizer, and a papaya and jojoba facial exfoliator to soothe your skin, relax you and imbue you with feelings of pleasure and confidence. Sensual Delight combines a mineral-rich bath of Dead Sea salts and red and brown seaweeds, Yuan Zhi wild plant extract moisturizer and a skin-fresh facial wash to balance your energy and soothe your spirit.

Pool Butlers Pamper Guests with Incomparable Poolside Service

The uniquely indulgent service, provided by uniformed butlers, makes lounging at poolside at Las Ventanas al Paraíso unlike any other resort in the world. From serving complimentary sorbet to personally awakening guests at a set time, the poolside service is incomparable.

Las Ventanas’ Pool Butlers cater to guests’ every need. Immediately upon arrival at the pool area, the butlers welcome them, escort them to comfortable, oversized loungers with relaxing head rests in their preferred location around the pool, and explain the available amenities. As they adjust the lounger to make the guest cozy, they offer magazines and novels from the selection of reading materials as well as personal CD players and the music of their choice from an extensive selection of CDs, or an iPod pre-loaded with nearly a thousand songs in a number of categories from Latin Jazz and classical to rock and hip hop.

The Pool Butlers cool guests with mists of frosted Evian spray and cold towels, refresh their palettes by serving complimentary refreshments – ranging from frozen chocolate sorbet cups to lemon grass popsicles – and bring them oversized fluffy towels. Special requests, such as a sunblock with a specific SPF factor, are taken care of promptly. And they serve refreshing drinks from the Swim-Up Bar and scrumptious grilled seafood and meats, salads and more from the adjacent Sea Grill.

At the hammocks on the sand, Pool Butlers serve as personal alarm clocks, helping guests get just the amount of sun – and sleep – they want. Each hammock is equipped with flags (blue and white denoting hours, yellow half-hours) guests run up the pole to indicate to the Pool Butlers what time they'd like to be gently awakened from a siesta or alerted when a specific time arrives. Pool butlers check the flags continuously, and wake the guest with the subtle sounds of an ancient Mexican percussion instrument known as a teponaztle.

Department of Romance makes Romantic Dreams Come True

There is an irresistible magic at Las Ventanas embodied in the intimate ambiance and personalized service that is a sensual magnet for lovers. A third of the resort’s business is weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries. And to help ensure that guests’ every romantic dream comes true, the resort has created a Department of Romance that works closely with guests, both in advance of arrival and during their stay, to conceive, plan and create a romantic experience that fulfills their desires and fantasies. They help guests concoct romantic weekends that are unforgettable, set the stage for unique marriage proposals that could only end in ‘I do,’ and visualize weddings that will be their most cherished memory.

An increasing number of guests who enjoy a romantic experience at Las Ventanas become repeat guests; the steadily rising repeat factor is now about 40 percent. Perhaps the most ringing endorsement of Las Ventanas’ romantic appeal is the growing number of couples who get married at Las Ventanas, enjoy their honeymoon there, and then return each year to celebrate their anniversary.

The Department of Romance goes far beyond predictable planning to direct a one-of-a-kind, heartfelt production for each guest – from crafting love letters to arranging the right music and aromatherapy when they return to their suite after dinner. Las Ventanas has an array of “romantic resources” at its disposal, including a collection of appropriate books, films, music, aromatherapies and scented candles, as well as local vendors who can provide everything from a white stallion to a musical trio. Fantasy, romance, memories...it’s all in a day’s work for the Department of Romance.

Now Playing at Las Ventanas: 'Cinema Paraiso'

The typical movie theater experience can’t compare, not even old-fashioned drive-in movies. “Cinema Paraíso,” intimate movie screenings under the stars on the beach, is now playing at Las Ventanas. A private theater is set up on the beach for a couple or as many as four people. It includes a flat-screen, 50-inch HD television with a home theater system, luxurious lounge chairs and personal Cinema Butlers.

Guests select the movie of their choice from the resort’s large DVD collection, which is regularly updated with the latest releases. Guests snuggle up together and/or under a serape to take in a film under the star-filled heavens of Cabo, while sipping fine wines and nibbling on gourmet Mexican botanas. The Cinema Butlers welcome guests with champagne and appetizers, and provide full food and beverage service. It’s an Oscar-worthy movie experience.

Feel the Baja Wind in your Hair Behind the Wheel of a Porsche Boster or Mini Cooper

Seeing the sunny Los Cabos area has never been so panoramic, fun and refreshing. Las Ventanas al Paraíso now offers guests Porsche Boxsters or convertible Mini Coopers to rent. Guests can zip around Cabo in style, enjoying the wind in their hair and wide-open views of the beautiful natural panoramas – from the sparkling blue Sea of Cortez to the purple-tinted mountains and the striking, cactus-studded desert. Guests can opt for the power, styling and performance of the Boxster, or the hip and fun Mini Cooper. Either makes sightseeing around Los Cabos unforgettable. And only Las Ventanas offers this special amenity.

Aromatheraphy Turndown Service In-Suite Each Evening

Las Ventanas al Paraíso offers an amenity each evening that is unique in its anticipation of guest desires and needs: Aromatherapy Turndown Service. In the Rosewood tradition, from the beginning Las Ventanas has strived to take hospitality to new levels with unparalleled attention to detail and unexpected amenities that surprise and delight the guest. The Aromatherapy Turndown is another special touch to enhance the guest’s experience that brings both pleasure and benefits.

Guests may select from a menu of four different aromatherapy oil blends, each offering a different experience. This extraordinary turndown experience for guests is provided in their suite each night of their stay. The oil blends are burned in small “chimneys,” filling the suite with a senses-stimulating aroma. Among the aromatherapy choices are: “Romance Exotica,” a beautiful and tender aromatherapy that blends Ylang Ylang and orange to awaken all your senses; “Stress Relieving,” imbuing a soothing synergy from lavender, pettigran and melissa; “Spiritual Relaxing,” an intriguing journey from a combination of grapefruit and rosewood; and “Exuberance Balancing,” inducing joy and happiness from a blend of bergamot, verbena and geranium.

Tequila Lessons Combine Education & Tastings

Putting a distinctly Mexican twist on traditional “wine tastings,” the Ceviche, Sushi & Tequila Bar offers Tequila Lessons combining education and tastings. The legendary liquor has been enjoying a renaissance, becoming a drink of choice among many trendsetters worldwide, and at Las Ventanas tequila is now the most popular beverage among guests. The resort’s “Tequileros” conduct the lessons for several guests up to a maximum of ten. Guests learn about the history of tequila, classifications, the distillation process, the different types, and the appropriate way to drink it. They then taste three kinds of tequilas – a Blanco (aged up to 60 days), Reposado (aged up to 12 months) and Anejo (aged a minimum of 13 months) – which are served with ceviches, guacamole, baked pita crisps and tortillas.

Sleep Your Way...With the Las Ventanas Bed Sheet Menu

Guests at Las Ventanas slide into a bed that feels just right – because they choose the linens from the resort’s Bed Sheet Menu. Four types of sheets are offered: Las Ventanas Classic, 100% best quality long-staple cotton from Egypt and the United States for a soft and comfortable sleep; Fresh Italian Linen, with a fresh and soft feel that is ideal particularly for the warm nights of the Baja summer; Smooth As Silk, 100% smooth, shiny and stimulating silk; and Luxurious & Lusty Sateen, 100% cotton from Italy imbued with a luxurious sateen texture. The sheet menu is available to guests staying in Oceanview and Oceanfront one- and three-bedroom luxury suites.

Conch Shell Alert & Binoculars Bring Whales into View

When the sound of the conch shell breaks the quietude at Las Ventanas al Paraíso, guests are alerted that one of nature’s wonders – the annual migration of massive gray mammals – is passing right by the resort. The yearly parade of whales gives Las Ventanas’ guests two viewing opportunities: first in fall/winter when the whales swim from the cold north to the warm waters along the Baja Peninsula where their babies will be born, and again on their return trip in late winter/spring with babies in tow.

A special amenity, Minolta EZ 10X50 binoculars, enables guests to better enjoy the spectacular spectacle of whales swimming by directly in front of the resort. During the December through March whale season, the binoculars hang on wrought-iron stands along the resort’s sea wall. Meanwhile, the resort staff scans the water continuously in search of a huge body or tail breaking the horizon, and when they are spotted guests are alerted by the blowing of a pre-Hispanic wind instrument. The unique, alluring sound of the conch shell was long used for important communication among indigenous peoples, and Las Ventanas has adopted this ancient medium. At each place setting at the Sea Grill waterfront restaurant, a rolled-up notice tied with raffia explains what it means when the conch is blown.

Butler & Concierge Service for Every Suite

Every suite at Las Ventanas al Paraíso comes with butler and concierge service at no additional charge. It begins before the guest arrives: your butler learns all about your wishes and desires via an advance Guest Profile form. Upon arrival at the resort, your butler is there to welcome you, escorts you to your suite, learns more about your needs and takes complete care of you throughout your stay.

Each of the Spa Suites and the larger one-to-three bedroom suites has a dedicated personal butler. All of the other suites are located in small, intimate buildings with a maximum of eight suites, and each building has a permanent staff that provides the full array of butler and concierge services. They coordinate all special requests such as making sure a preferred beverage is always stocked in the mini-bar, provide instant fulfillment when something is requested, and plan and coordinate each day’s agenda from making spa and dinner reservations to arranging golf tee times and outings such as sailing or shopping excursions. Las Ventanas has built a reputation as one of the world’s finest resorts on delivering incomparable personalized service, and the butler and concierge service for every suite adds a dimension that brings guests unprecedented pampering and attention to their needs.

Personalized Sewing Kits

In Las Ventanas’ tradition of emphasizing special touches and attention to detail as the keys to attaining the highest levels of service, the resort provides sewing kits that are customized to match and complement the guest’s wardrobe. The staff unobtrusively takes note of the colors that predominate in the guest’s clothes, then a personalized sewing kit is prepared. For the guest’s convenience, each color of thread is pre-threaded through a needle. The very observant staff may determine the need to offer more colors over the days of the guest’s stay, or guests may also request additional ones.

LVP Air: Fly Away with a Taste of Las Ventanas

Guests can take Las Ventanas home with them on the airplane – the tantalizing aromas and tastes, that is. The LVPAir service provides guests with an elegant, mouth-watering Las Ventanas dining experience for the trip home. Guests may choose from the special menus, or a personalized menu can be created. The fly-away, gourmet dining is packaged in an insulated, easy-to-carry Las Ventanas tote with a shoulder strap. The service caters to those taking commercial carriers as well as the many Las Ventanas guests traveling by private plane (so many, in fact, that local residents jokingly say Los Cabos’ private airport should be renamed Las Ventanas Airport).