Situated beneath iconic vaulted rooftops at the heart of the resort, Pavilion offers sweeping views of the sea from every table. Guests enjoy an elaborate breakfast service, á la carte lunch and dinner menus, and a choice of traditional, lounge or terrace seating.

Centuries of maritime trade have shaped the BVI’s culinary heritage, bringing spices from distant lands to the islands. Pavilion showcases this panoply of flavors with comfort foods and shared plates issuing from an open chef’s kitchen. Fresh meats, seafood and local ingredients are elevated with traditional cooking techniques and original presentations. Enveloped by Caribbean trade winds and the gentle sounds of the surf, the experience is a feast for the senses.


Please be informed that the Pavilion is closed until further notice.
Dress Code
Daytime: Resort casual; cover-up and footwear required ; Evening: Resort chic; t-shirts, jeans, tennis shoes and beach sandals are not permitted
Wholesome Slow Food
At the heart of the resort