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Centuries of history shaped the natural remedies used in the British Virgin Islands community by local healers, better known as traditional healers or medicine men and women. 

The British territory of the Virgin Islands has a long history. Christopher Columbus and his crew were the first Europeans to arrive in the Virgin Islands during his second voyage to the new world in 1493. Thereafter. The Spaniards were the first to settle within the territory in 1503 on the island of Virgin Gorda. 

With the settlement of Europeans in the territory over centuries, new illnesses were introduced to the region. Consequently, the need to implement traditional healing methods arose. These traditions have been a source of inspiration passed on from generation to generation, as early inhabitants of the British Virgin Islands depended on natural remedies of their African ancestors to treat various illnesses and pains. 

The practice of African ancestral healing traditions is still alive through the use of various parts of native trees in the form of compresses, teas, poultices, balms, lotions, inhalants and oils that provide multiple healing and relieving benefits credited to their ancient recipes to cleanse, purify and heal the body. 

This incredible history of healing and its benefits has inspired us. Our offerings are interlaced with both the enduring practices of our ancestors and the contemporary techniques of our therapeutic and beauty treatments. The result is a uniquely curated spa experience.


The Afri-Cure

In the 17th century. the jumbie tree (Ceiba pentandra) and tamarind tree (Tamarindus indica) were introduced in the Caribbean from Africa. Since then they’ve been prized for their multiple benefits by BVlslanders. 

Indulge in a carefully tailored spa experience inspired by a fusion of time-honored Caribbean healing; a traditional body wrap made of jumbie tree leaves to relieve fatigue, tamarind tree leaves to relieve pain, and lemongrass to reduce inflammation, accompanied by a papaya mousse applied to the face to clean and moisturize your skin. 

The wrap and facial are followed by a warm body exfoliation using turmeric, honey, activated charcoal and harvested Salt Island sea salt. 

The healing hands of two therapists then transport you to a deep state of relaxation with the wavelike movements of four hands massaging our nourishing BVI organic coconut oil into the skin for a moisturized glow. This experience offers calming and renewal for body and spirit.


120 Mins

Plumeria Crown Healing

History tells us that French botanist Charles Plumier discovered the plumeria flower in the late 17th century as it was spreading throughout tropical areas, including the Caribbean. It is believed that the Tainos brought plumeria from South America, where natives used it not only in crowns as a welcome gesture to distinguished visitors due to its beauty and aroma, but also for its natural antioxidant, astringent, and sedative properties. 

With this pampering treatment, a mixture of natural oils of the plumeria flower, coconut oil and harvested Salt Island sea salt will prepare your skin to receive the benefits of our ancestral bentonite clay and turmeric. A scalp massage with coconut oil will be performed while your body receives the nutrients of the body mask. 

To complete this royal experience, a soothing massage with our sunrise body lotion made of plumeria flower will leave your skin smooth and your senses in a state of serenity.


150 Mins


All Sense experiences are carefully designed to unite energies with the splendor of the surrounding natural environment. Our exclusive collection of treatments incorporate premium quality ingredients, luxurious products and the healing power of plants and herbs to maximize benefits. 

Vital Detox Journey

Indulge yourself with this splendid experience. This journey begins with a detoxifying wrap with our Tropical Immune Boosting Mud, very effective for drawing out impurities and improving circulation. Followed by an interpretation of our exclusive signature massage, which uses bamboo canes co reduce tension and muscular pain. Finally. enjoy a luxurious hydrating and anti-aging facial to enhance the resilience and natural beauty of your skin.

210 Mins

Little Dix Bay Journey

This revitalizing ritual begins with a dry body exfoliation to cleanse your body from impurities and leave your skin ready to receive the benefits of our personalized aromatherapy treatment- a soothing massage using specially blended oils to induce deep relaxation. This recovery treatment continues with an eye-lifting mask and head massage to release tension. Your spirit will feel rejuvenated and truly revitalized!

150 Mins

The Baths Journey

Experience the healing waters of “The Baths”, the gem of the BVI, as you allow your senses to contemplate the magnificence of nature through this geological wonder of natural sea pools formed by granite boulders. Let the soothing blue waters of the beauty Caribbean Sea lull you into a state of tranquility. 

This splendid spa journey continues with our warm body scrub made of fig & bergamot, rose and ground apricot stone. This scrub offers gentle exfoliation with the hot stones to polish your skin to perfection. This is followed by an application of our calming gel hydration mask made of aloe vera plants carefully cultivated in our gardens, mixed with a pure plant mask to restore skin cells. While your body is cocooned to maximize the benefits of the botanical ingredients. your hair and scalp will be pampered with a grapefruit and lemongrass hair mask to bring back its natural glow and moisture.


180 Mins


We offer a unique selection of treatments to help your skin be at its best using EviDenS de Beauté, the world's first anti-aging skincare line dedicated to protect and respect sensitive skin. Incorporating technical and artistic perfection for undeniable compatibility with the most sensitive of skin & results that have been scientifically proven.

Rosewood Signature Extreme 360 Anti-Aging Facial

This rejuvenating facial was specially developed to maximize the skin's beauty and reduce signs of aging by acting on the most sensitive areas of the face. This treatment is recommended for mature, dehydrated, tired or dull skin in need of an extreme solution to fight the signs of aging. This treatment consists of a specialized Bio-collagen treatment mask, back and scalp massage, and intensive ingredients to help refresh and renew. It’s a serious anti-aging experience from start to finish.

90 Mins

EviDenS de Beauté Nurturing Ritual

For in-depth firming action and an immediately noticeable healthy glow, experience the "icy wake-up" effect of this amazing treatment. This skin care ritual is recommended for dull or tired skin in need of a gentle refresh and enhanced blood circulation. Enjoy an application of a powerful creamy mask, created to hydrate and replenish the skin. Our firming facial experience offers a lip treatment and lotion application that helps to plump and tighten your skin. Leave feeling refreshed and vibrant.

60 Mins

EviDenS de Beauté Absolute Radiance Ritual

Created for skin with increased pigmentation and dark spots, your treatment begins with a neck, back and shoulder massage to help intensify the relaxing effects of this facial throughout your entire body and face. This facial experience nourishes and renews your skin to highlight your youthful appearance and naturally balanced complexion making you feel simply radiant.

90 Mins

EviDenS de Beauté Youth Bloom Ritual

Think of this ritual as an “energizing vitamin cocktail” to magnify and preserve the natural glow of younger skin perfect before an important event or anytime the complexion appears dull. Created for young skin of any type, this treatment is ideal for anyone looking to learn more about how to properly care for their skin from an early age.

60 Mins


Nurturing the body from the inside out, these treatments leave you relaxed and renewed featuring the French collection, Maison Caulieres. We are bringing 250-years of French family tradition to the British Virgin Islands and an elevated natural Africology experience that nurtures the mind and body and elevates the spirit.

Maison Caulières

Directly sourced from the bountiful offerings of the French countryside; Maison Caulières strives to transport you there. Powerful ingredients in their purest form are combined with the luxury touches of French wellness. An exquisite sensorial experience.

Dixie Detox

Calm your spirit with our Dixie Detox. The treatment begins with a full body dry scrub to slough away dry skin and stimulate blood flow. Next, a detoxifying massage application with our Tropical Immune Boosting Mud feeds your skin with minerals. vitamins and antioxidants; very effective for drawing out impurities and improving circulation.

90 Mins

The Bay Stone Scrub

Treat yourself with this revitalizing body polish- a gentle combination of exfoliation and massage movements using volcanic hot stones. The all-over deep heat experience melts away your tension while the splendid ingredients combined in our body scrub help to remove dead cells, unclog pores and promote deeper muscle relaxation at the same time.

60 Mins

Resurfacing Skin

This energizing treatment is intended to build up energy. warm the body and enhance the mood. Scented with a delicious fragrance of broom flower and honey, a gourmet sugar scrub exfoliates the body to enhance the tanning properties of the skin and promote cellular renewal. Then a warm dry-oiling softens the skin. and an energetic massage stimulates the body from toe to head for a sun-kissed sensation.

90 Mins


Massage experiences extend immediate serenity & relaxation to the entire body, balancing the spirit and renewing the soul. Massage experiences help to relax, regenerate and activate your natural power center to revitalize your body from head to toe. Encourage your body to release unwanted tension and discover your path to self-discovery once again. 

Sense Signature Massage

Free your body of muscular tension with this signature massage. Inspired by the “bamboula" drum instrument, we incorporate 3 combinations of hand strokes to stimulate your nervous system with a rhythmic percussion all over your body, followed by the use of bamboo canes with long, deep rolling movements to release tension in targeted areas. This massage targets muscular imbalance and structural alignment problems, while also releasing endorphins, the “happiness hormone”, that happens to be a natural pain killer.

60 Mins
90 Mins

Drift Away Massage

Calm your spirit with this relaxation massage. Inspired by aromatherapy healing benefits for body and mind, the moisturizing antioxidants and the enveloping texture of a melted pure soya oil candle stimulate all senses. It’s the perfect massage to provide extra relaxation for fatigued and overworked muscles, and it's also known to promote better sleep.

60 Mins
90 Mins

Waves Massage

Rebalance your energy with this stress-relief massage. The healing hands of two therapists will transport you to a deep relaxation state with the wavelike movements of a four hands massage to combat fatigue,, reduce stress and restore your energy.


60 Mins

Deep Relief Massage

A full body massage focusing on healing properties, freely inspired by deep tissue methods. We offer two versions of this exclusive signature massage inspired by the seasonal universe of Maison Caulieres body care - a comforting creamy touch with citrus notes or a warm and enchanting broom flower and honey scented dry-oil sensation. Deep pressure and stretching massage techniques are applied to relieve muscle tension, enhance circulation and stimulate the metabolism for detoxification.

60 Mins
90 Mins
Gentlemen's massage


The ingredients selected for our gentlemen's treatments are created exclusively for the needs and care of a man's skin. Our body and skincare products use natural ingredients that are light and easily absorbed, so that daily skincare becomes effortlessly refined.

Transformative Facial

This hardworking facial uses the world's only Anti-Vice Skin Recovery Treatment, developed by GOA Men's Skincare to fight back against years of skin damage due to internal and external stresses. By using GOA's Dark Phyto-Matter an organic infusion of retinoids, purified cell cultures, alpha­hydroxy acids and a high concentration of essential nutrients each solution strategically recovers the skin to its optimal healthy form while protecting it from future damage.

60 Mins

Back Grooming

A pampering and cleansing experience to treat your back. We begin by using local charcoal soap to cleanse the skin, followed by a deep cleansing back exfoliation to detoxify your back from impurities and prepare your skin to receive the benefits of a warm blend of kaolin and bentonite clay to absorb excess oil and toxins. Our special mix of plant oils and extracts helps to leave your back feeling smooth and refined. A firm back massage with a moisturizing balm to nourish and soften the skin with soothing notes of citrus fruits that promote relaxation completes this experience.

60 Mins

Healing Massage

In today's world, we know that the body holds memory of all emotional experiences. During this stress- relieving treatment, skillful movements are performed with the hands while wooden dowels are used to stretch tight muscles and ease toxic overload from daily stress. Symbolically, the stick represents wisdom and direction to the healer. Crafted of wood, this valuable tool is believed to absorb and purify negativity, re-channeling energy flow.

90 Mins

Men's Manicure

This relaxing manicure is treating the skin and nails naturally to keep them hydrated, and therefore flexible and strong. An intense hydrating African potato wrap blended with rooibos, aloe and marula releases antioxidants that fight signs of aging.

60 Mins

Men's Pedicure

Correcting poor circulation, lymph buildup and water retention is the focus of this deluxe spa pedicure. A warm application of detoxifying mud followed by a pressure point massage will leave your legs feeling light and deeply hydrated. A great treatment after a long flight. 

60 Mins
finishing touches


Our hand and feet experiences include nail shaping, cuticle removal and a polish application of your choice.


This relaxing manicure is about treating the skin and nails naturally to keep them hydrated. and therefore flexible and strong. An intense hydrating African potato wrap - blended with rooibos, aloe and marula – releases antioxidants that fight signs of aging.

75 Mins


Correcting poor circulation, lymph buildup and water retention is the focus of this deluxe spa pedicure. A warm application of detoxifying mud followed by a pressure point massage will leave your legs feeling light and deeply hydrated. A great treatment after a long flight. 

75 Mins

Waxing Services

From head to toe, professional waxing services are available by our skilled waxing experts.


Silence, peace and respect are part of our sense spa philosophy. Please consider other guests' space and privacy, and please silence any electronic devices you might have before entering the spa facilities. We highly recommend showering before any treatment to ensure you are maximizing your treatment benefits.

Treatments are carefully planned to accommodate each and every guest. In the spirit of mutual respect, we kindly request that you arrive on time. Check-in time is a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the start of your treatment. Late arrivals will be completed within the scheduled treatment time, while the fee will remain unchanged.

To schedule or to rebook. contact our Sense spa receptionist. who will be happy to assist you in choosing the right treatment. All treatments should be booked in advance to ensure availability. Our spa receptionist will need valid credit card information to confirm any bookings.

If you wish to reschedule or cancel your booking. please be advised that 24 hours notice is required in order for us to accommodate your request, or two hours if the appointment is made on the same day. No-show or last-minute cancellations will incur a 100% charge.

Bathrobes, slippers and disposables are available at Sense spa for your treatment sessions.

Please assist our Sense spa team by informing us of my allergies or injuries that may make the treatment you have chosen unsuitable. We will be happy to advise safer alternatives. Kindly consult with your physician before receiving any treatment or using our facility.

Please secure your valuables. Sense spa will not be held responsible for any loss or damage during your visit.

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