The resort’s stunning infinity pool creates a unique “acquascape” that perfectly blends pool, sea and sky, creating a tranquil and harmonious ambience that defines the Las Ventanas experience.


From complimentary sorbet to personally awakening guests at a set time, the poolside service at Las Ventanas al Paraíso is incomparable. Pool Butlers cater to guests’ every need. 

Immediately upon arrival at the pool area, the butlers welcome them, escort them to comfortable, over-sized loungers with relaxing head rests in their preferred location around the pool, and explain the available amenities. As they adjust the lounger to make the guest cozy, Kindles and an array of magazines and novels are offered from the selection of reading materials in addition to pre-loaded iPods and iPads with nearly a thousand songs in a number of categories from Latin jazz and classical to rock and hip hop.

The Pool Butlers cool guests with mists of frosted Evian spray and cold towels, refresh their palettes by serving complimentary refreshments – ranging from frozen seasonal Popsicle's and limonade – and bring them over-sized fluffy towels. Special requests, such as a sunblock with a specific SPF factor, are taken care of promptly. And they serve refreshing drinks from the Swim-Up Bar and scrumptious grilled seafood and meats, salads and more from the adjacent Sea Grill.

When lounging on the sand on a beach lounger, Pool Butlers serve as personal alarm clocks, helping guests get just the amount of sun – and sleep – they want. Each hammock is equipped with flags (blue and white denoting hours, yellow half-hours) guests run up the pole to indicate to the Pool Butlers what time they'd like to be gently awakened from a siesta or alerted when a specific time arrives. Pool Butlers check the flags continuously, and wake the guest with the subtle sounds of an ancient Mexican percussion instrument known as a teponaztle.


9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


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