Phnom Penh is a living canvas, a thriving, evolving space that celebrates the city’s cultural glory. Rosewood Phnom Penh collaborates with the country’s most influential and up-and-coming artists to showcase some of Cambodia’s most exciting contemporary artworks. A total space of 112 square meters, the art gallery is located on level 35.

Khmer Renaissance, an art exhibition by FONKi and Ranon Phal

Khmer Renaissance, an art exhibition by FONKi and Ranon Phal

Rosewood Phnom Penh’s Art Gallery in partnership with FT. Productions presents “Khmer Renaissance,” the first dual exhibition between Cambodian artists FONKi and Ranon Phal.

Based on their own personal experience with Cambodia, this new body of work demonstrates FONKi and Ranon Phal’s desire to bring forward their cultural roots and common love for the Kingdom of Wonders.

“Khmer Renaissance” is a contemporary pictorial echo of this new era in the country and the world.  It is a is plunged in. A reflection of Cambodian its people from different generations, background and social classes, the old versus s the new, the streets, ancient Khmer culture and heritage -- ; giving them a playful new life while creating new stories, triggering the audience’s imagination and subjective point of view on today’s Cambodia.


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From November 8, 2019 to January 31, 2020.