Resort Experiences

Riviera Maya offers an array of exciting adventures for guests and seasoned travelers. Explore a range of activities from snorkeling, diving and dolphin excursions along the Caribbean coast and more. Or spend your day experiencing an array of land adventures including an exploration of the sacred places of the Mayan civilization.

Immerse yourself in a world of wonder with Rosewood Mayakoba. Allow our concierge team to assist you with planning the adventure of a lifetime.

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Cenote Park

Cenote Park

Guests are invited to dive into a 1,500-year-old historical journey to the beginning of Mayan culture by visiting the ruins of the ancestral city of Coba. An archeological site hidden deep within the rainforest, guests will need to bike through ruins, temples and lush vegetation before reaching the destination. Throughout, visitors will literally feel the ancient rhythms and energy of what was once a Mayan ceremonial center.

The Concierge Department can arrange visits to Coba exclusively or include one of the following options:

MAYAN SACRED CENOTE: Further to visiting Coba, guests will continue their expedition towards Tankah, where they will have the opportunity to slip into the crystal waters of the sacred Cenote (sinkhole.)

SWIM IN A CAVE: Guests can enjoy the natural underwater formations of stalactites and stalagmites as they swim in the sparkling waters of the sacred underground caves.

Deep-Sea Fishing & Sportsfishing

Deep-Sea Fishing & Sportsfishing

For many fishing enthusiasts, the Riviera Maya is reputably known for its Deep-sea Fishing & Sportsfishing. From White Marlin to Dolphin Dorado, guests can pursue their passion for fishing with state-of the-art trolling equipment. Private charters with on-board accommodation and amenities are available upon booking. Whether guests are beginners or experts, a fishing-guide will be present to ensure a fulfilling, allencompassing fishing experience.

Dolphin Excursions

Dolphin Excursions

A prime chance for guests to get up close and personal with this most intelligent of mammals, this dolphin excursion make a swimming program with a difference. Guests are able to observe dolphins in their natural habitat, ride the waves with them, and even gently caress their backs – dolphins have been known to surprise visitors by turning around and asking for a belly-rub.

The minimum height to enjoy this activity is 3.6 feet.

This program is offered at: Riviera Maya Xcaret, Xel-Há, Dreams Cancun or Playa del Carmen

The program includes:
Video briefing
Free interaction time
Signal platform
Bar jump

Scuba Diving for Certifies Divers

Scuba Diving for Certifies Divers

For visitors who dream of floating weightlessly in the water, scuba diving opportunities abound. The Mexican Caribbean is replete with marine life and ecological formations, and the clear, fresh waters welcome guests’ daily explorations. Drift dives are common; most sites have a steady, northerly current that carries divers gently past the reef, so that it is easy to relax as the scenery moves by. As the region is blessed with good visibility and comfortable temperatures (averaging about 26 C/78F), even inexperienced divers can get acclimated quickly, and advanced divers will find it easy to probe the ocean’s depths.



Combine swimming and snorkeling in one of the region’s most beautiful eco-parks. Experience the largest underground river system in the world with a sea-snorkeling adventure. As visitors descend into this magical underground environment, they will encounter many incomparable subterranean marvels, from rare marine life to spectacular geographical formations. Land transportation is provided to both places.

The journey will continue with an expedition to some of the clearest, calmest waters in the Riviera Maya, which will again provide many snorkeling opportunities for the adventurous.

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding in Playa Del Carmen

For fans of horseback riding, there is no better way to experience its pleasures than on the beaches of Punta Venado. Professional Mexican charro-guides will lead the way through unspoiled pathways, while those who wish for a gentler exertion will be able to walk their horses along one of the most beautiful beaches by the Caribbean Sea.

A horse is assigned according to the rider’s age and size. The ride includes a tour along the shore, which commands unbelievable views of the Caribbean sea, making each journey something to remember. Afterwards, guests can choose another activity, or simply retire to the beach club area for a drink or two.

the mayan ruins of ek eblam

the mayan ruins of ek eblam

Located just north of Valladolid, this is a little known historical site that is high on local flavor and low on tourists. While not as completely restored or as large as Chichen Itza or Uxmal, Ek- Balam is under active restoration and gives visitors a great overview of the entire Mayan civilization. Throughout the expedition, visitors will get the opportunity to slip into the crystal waters of a fresh Cenote (sinkhole), which are sacred places for the Mayans.

The Concierge department can arrange visits to Ek-Balam exclusively or include one of the following options:

Mayan Communities and Valladolid: A quaint township located halfway between Merida and Cancun, Valladolid has perfectly preserved its colonial flavor, with the majority of townspeople still in typical Mayan clothing. The colonial architecture surrounding the main Plaza, as well as its many historical buildings, exudes a distinctive old-world charm.

Biking and Cenote EK Balam: Visitors’ expedition to Ek Balam is followed by a jungle biking experience, and a swim in the waters of a sacred Mayan Cenote (sinkhole.)