Rosewood Mayakoba is a prime model of how sustainable design and execution can be thoughtfully woven together to create a truly luxurious destination. Sitting within a 620-acre private development, the resort revolves around the protection of natural mangroves and is home to hundreds of indigenous flora and fauna. Guests arrive to their suite via an electric boat, and use electric golf carts and bicycles throughout their stay. This seamless integration with the natural environment is one of the most defining characteristics of the resort.

Rosewood Mayakoba is committed to fostering conservation of the environment. The resort was built to the highest ecological standards, offering indulgence with awareness, and has received Rainforest Alliance Certification and is a Seafood Watch Partner of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. From energy and water conservation to responsible culinary practices, Rosewood Mayakoba is an eco leader in hospitality; committed, conscious and respectful of the environment and community.

Guests are encouraged to celebrate the natural wonders of the Riviera Maya during their stay.


On daily eco tours, guests have the opportunity observe Mexico’s abundant wildlife and learn about protection and rehabilitation efforts for the sea turtles that make their home in the region. The resort offers excursions for children in the morning, followed by a tour for adults and families. 


Led by Rosewood Mayakoba’s Executive Chef, the culinary team creates extraordinary dining experiences based on sustainable practices and locally procured ingredients. The resort is certified by the Monterey Bay Aquarium as a Seafood Watch partner, and Chef Juan Pablo Loza is an ambassador for Come Pesca, which promotes the consumption of Mexican seafood.


In the push to ditch plastics the resort now offers cornstarch and paper wax straws when needed and continually looks for new alternatives in packaging and ways to minimize waste. The “Green Operations” program includes recycling but also donating reusable items like glass and aluminum.  Our fitness centers and meetings rooms use water filters and reusable recycled aluminum bottles. Large refillable bottles are placed in each guest bathroom to eliminate use of small, single use plastic bottles.

All water used at Rosewood Mayakoba, for instance, comes from a natural well and is filtered through inverse osmosis. We recycle gray water from guestrooms and laundry in our in-house treatment plant for landscape irrigation. We additionally use ultrasound equipment to detect underground water leaks. All these systems lead to greater efficiencies and take into account the unique attributes of our environment.


Guided by our sustainability expert, kids can learn all about the release of nesting sea turtles into the sea, a phenomenon that takes place annually from June to October. The kids club also offers lessons and beach games that highlight on preservation and sustainability.


In the summer, guests can toast sea turtle conservation with the Akumal Mezcalita, a refreshing gin-based cocktail offered at all of the resort’s venues. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Centro Ecológico Akumal, which is dedicated to the conservation of nesting sea turtles and hatchlings in Quintana Roo.