Embark on a personal, life-changing journey of self-acceptance and self-love at Rosewood Mayakoba. Led by the resorts resident Shaman and staff at award-winning Sense, A Rosewood Spa, this journey will guide you through unique experiences within its four pillars: Shaman Encounter, Elements of Nature, Rituals of Touch, and the culminating Marry Oneself Ceremony.

The Journey is designed to be experienced individually with a combination of programmed rituals and spa activities as well as time at leisure to absorb the teachings of the day and to enjoy the resort’s facilities. Each experience is inspired by the wisdom and ancient teachings of pre-Hispanic cultures. Your four-day itinerary will be personalized based on your individual goals.

Begin with a private Shaman consultation to determine personal patterns and your goals for self-love. This will enable the Shaman to create a customized program of experiences that will contribute to your individual journey of self-discovery, utilizing the elements of nature and ancient pre-Hispanic teachings as mentors.

Lessons in the form of living experiences that will allow you to learn from pre-Hispanic wisdom and their worship of the elements

  • WATER   “Flow & Evolve”
  • AIR “The Power of Listening”
  • EARTH “Walk of Silence”
  • FIRE “Temazcal of New Fire”

The rituals of touch will inspire you to treat your body with love and affection. This will serve as a reminder that true love starts from within, laying a path toward the culminating Marry Oneself ceremony.

  • Apothecary Massage
  • Lights of The Seasons Body Treatment
  • 360 Degrees Skin Care
  • Grounded Roots Reflexology
The final event is the commitment ceremony to yourself. Inspired by pre-Hispanic wedding rituals, this event will be the pinnacle and culmination of the retreat, a true celebration of unconditional self-love and acceptance lead by the Shaman. This individual nuptial will be a voluntary ceremony and life-long commitment to your happiness.